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47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019) Review


Ago in 2017, in a summer season season time let loose of conducive / predicted flick emits prefer Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Awe Lady, Crawler-Person: Homecoming, and also Battle for the Globe of the Apes, the let loose of 47 Meters Down was a particle of a astound. Carried by Johannes Roberts, the motion image, which starred Mandy Moore and also Claire Holt, adheres to two sis (Lisa and also Katie) who are invited to pet crate dive while on holiday in Mexico. As speedily as the winch mechanism gripping the pet crate goes against and also the pet crate plummets to the ocean flooring with the two ladies entraped within, they have to situate a way to escape, with their air industrys sprinting ignored and also amazing white sharks trailing nearest. Regardless of retrieving attached steals another kind at (from merciless to negative objection), the flick was able to make around $62 million at the box office against its $5.3 production wallet; pondered as a box office victory. Presently, Amusement Studios Activity Images and also supervisor Johannes Roberts position the spiritual adhere to-up adhere to up with 47 Meters Down: Uncaged. Lugs out this flick sink its teeth into some motion picture party or is it one motion image that’s dead in the marine?


After been fresh transmitted to a Mexican beach area, high schooler Mia (Sophie Nelisse) is fighting with metropolitan bullies who attempt make her genuinely feel uninvited within the school. Mia’s relative, Sasha (Corinne Fox), is mild particle help, fixating her exuberance on a party weekend with her chums Nicole (Sistine Stallone) and also Alexa (Brianne Tju). As speedily as their father, Grant (John Corbett), an underwater research explorer, is important as a overview to promote an archaeological picnic to analysis an prehistoric Mayan metropolitan that’s unrealized underwater nearest, he persuades for his amass to snatch a traveler sloop to see sharks with each other; wishing that the scenic tour would help the two sister to adhesion with each other. But, proper before the two receive on the scenic tour, Nicole and also Alexa come in to thieve Sasha away, who drags Mia with her as the foursome explore a key access to the destructions, earning utility of scuba equipment to receive a better attractiveness. But, as speedily as down within the undersea depth of the destructions, their stark fun revolves into a remaining hell as speedily as an don, battered shark is spotted wandering the place, vacating the ladies entraped with the predator’s realm as speedily as loose walls collapse…. putting on hold their flee.


Ugh….I bear in mind witnessing 47 Meters Down. Regardless of its shark premise nuances (of sorts), I wasn’t that also a jumble impressed with this. Sure, there have been some shark survival themed movies that have almost massaged such as Jaws (the original one) and also 2016’s The Shallows, yet 47 Meters Down just thumbed prefer a cheap / watered-down variation of those movies; something analogous to a DTV (Straight-to-Video clip) let loose. I merciless, the flick’s tale was record thin, the individualities were common and also drab, the dialogue was cheesy, and also the so-chatted to “twist” thumbed unfulfilling. It’s zero affection why this flick expired up on my Apex 10 Worst Flicks of 2017.

Flash forward to 2019 and also now we have 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, the slightly spiritual heir to the 2017 flick. As I remarked, despite its negative steals another kind at, 47 Meters Down renders a rejoinder on its production monetary affordability at the box office, which is arguably why they (the studio hivemind) acquired a decision to greenlight another flick (originally titled 47 Meters Down: The Next Phase). I in fact didn’t hear a jumble around this motion image till I saw the flick trailer for it and also (a jumble prefer the first one) I wasn’t instead impressed. It just seemed prefer a jumble prefer the first one (just with a unalike cast and also few little readjusts). Still, I acquired a decision to assess the flick to see if this 2nd endeavor was gonna be better than the first one. What did I picture it? Regardless of a dramatically slight recovery in a few places, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged just genuinely feels derivate and also weakly undercooked from start to layer. Pick the original motion image, the intent is there, yet this flick just genuinely feels just as noisy, anime-ish, and also nonsensical as its predecessor.

Returning to the supervisor’s chair for 47 Meters Down: Uncaged is Johannes Roberts, who formerly guided the first 47 Meters Down as nicely as Storage void 24, The Other Side of the Door, and also The Attentive strangers: Target at Night. Ultimately, imparted his specialization of the first motion image, Roberts seems prefer a optimal recourse for channeling this spiritual heir to his 2017 endeavor. Ultimately, Roberts knows of what the Uncaged’s site vacationers yearn and also clearly “dives” proper into the function’s precise nuances of its individualities and also within the underwater concern that waits for them in the dim undersea depths. Pick before, the flick does dashed a quickly runtime (clocking in around 89 mins long), so the flick does filter of “receive in and also receive out” quickly within its tale, which is kind of a sweet and also derogatory thing (I’ll intricate auxiliary under on it). Of course, the key justification why numerous site vacationers would perceive 47 Meters Down: Uncaged is within it’s key attractiveness…aka…. the shark blows. Of course, they are thee in the motion image with Robertson showcasing the bloody waters with some hateful blows from these undersea predators. Ultimately, if you savored the first one (in some way), you’ll arguably situate some merriment with 47 Meters Down: Uncaged.

In its trial, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged does specially the extremely same “attractiveness and also genuinely feel” from the first flick, which is a particle of a sweet and also derogatory thing as the technological trial wasn’t specially a derogatory thing in the original function. But, there’s not a whole jumble of artistic perspicacity. Then anew…. I in fact didn’t intend a whole jumble in that earlier division in a filmmaking endeavor prefer this. That being annunciated, I did prefer how the flick stance is mostly fixated in a sunken Mayan underwater metropolitan destructions, which does add a kind of claustrophobic genuinely feel to the sights as nicely as some funky glancing production layouts. So, sweet vacancy on production layouts by David Bryan and also the art instructions crew (Thomas Bryan, Miguel Llorca, Maria Fernanda Sabogal, and also John West). Plus, there are two or three sweet cinematography inoculations that I was impressed with, so congratulations to cinematographer Mark Silk. Ultimately, the motion image’s ranking, which was designed by tomandandy, make intakes the vacancy executed. It’s not specially the most riveting chunk of flick scoring I’ve heard, yet it’s instead optimal / acceptable for a vacancy prefer this.

47 meters down uncaged 940746672 largeUnfortunately, a jumble prefer the first flick, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged comes up auxiliary unfurnished-handed and also hollower than a reliable exhilaration of excites and also horrifies within its shark survival premise. What’s the plight? Nicely, it’s with one voice instead a jumble the extremely same frustrating criticisms that plague the first 47 Meters Down flick. The flick’s tale, which does bargain a particle auxiliary individuality builds than the previous function, does mild particle partake site vacationers that the commonplace tropes of a survival flick. The screenplay, which was penned by the extremely same duo as before (Roberts and also Ernest Riera) does (for the most component) the precise extremely same thing. Of course, there is a particle auxiliary of backstory for some of the key individualities, which I tote out prefer, yet the first arrangement of everything and also how most situations would tinker out is just undoubtedly and also utterly thin and also underdeveloped. The weak point of the tale’s tale is as speedily as anew the key crook of the function, which doesn’t help the extremely same recycled beats from both the first 47 Meters Down and also other identical openings. I merciless…dramatically…. auxiliary high school teenagers lead personalities. I guess the cliché of high school teenagers retrieving trapped in a survival mode liveliness and also fatality kind imperfection is still a thing?

Encompassing to that plight is that flick utilizes the now commonplace of “jump horrifies” arrangements a jumble in the flick. This is not a sickening thing to utilizes, yet the flick doesn’t a jumble and also ends up “cheapening” the whole debacle. Pick everything moment / imperfection that the motion image’s individualities receive in discourage, there’s a jump terrify scene that is adhered to by a shark pounce and also the ladies barking and also seriously attempting to swim away. That’s instead a jumble the whole flick (abrupt). There’s not a whole jumble to the flick. Of course, prefer I remarked overhead, the whole sunken metropolitan destructions stance is something unalike that I wasn’t pregnant (instead than in the wide-open void of the sea prefer before), yet it with one voice genuinely feels recurring after a few scenes and also doesn’t in fact genuinely feel bewitching. Additionally, the dialogue between most the individualities is either crazy or just cringeworthy with plenty of “bonehead” conversations and also / or judgments being offered.

And also enable’s not neglect the shaky electronic camera work in the marine, which filter of distorts most what’s going on in numerous sequences. I tote out interpret that the shaky electronic camera ideology is to lend site vacationers with a auxiliary “liveliness prefer” motion picture debacle, yet not at the affordability blurring what’s going on. This is most noticeable in innumerable of shark encounters, which can bet a particle perplexing (cosmetically talking) to see what’s specially going on. On peak of that, there are innumerable key moments whereby you (as the viewer) have to suspend your shock. One or two times in a flick prefer this is with one voice proper, yet there are innumerable glaring ones that adhere to in this motion image that will most clearly make you scratch your head and also say “Oh, come on!”. It’s a cheesy genuinely feel to it with one voice that renders it less cheerful as the tale drifters. This with one voice coincides with perhaps the best crook of the flick, which is the on the whole standard and also foreseeable nature. Once again, with Roberts channeling (with his cooperation Riera on the screenplay), 47 Meters Down: Uncaged just genuinely feels prefer an unfulfilling rehash of the first motion image. Of course, there are a few mild tweaks here and also there, yet it’s with one voice instead a jumble the extremely same….and also not in a sweet way. To me, it just genuinely feels prefer B-ranked TV flick (prefer something you would see on the Syfy network or as a DTV let loose…. of which it in fact have to’ve been).

The cast in 47 Meters Down: Uncaged isn’t specially the above reproach as nicely as the individualities builds of which is written for them. The motion image’s key quartet of lady lead personality individualities, with starlets Sophie Nélisse (The Book Thief and also Cozy) as Mia and also Corrine Fox (Sweet / Vicious) as Sasha basing as the key focus on the flick, while starlets Brianne Tju (Light as a Feather and also Corey in the Abode) as Alexa and also Sistine Climbed Stallone (Sylvester Stallone’s daughter rendering her basing debut) ordinances as the auxiliary of the secondary leads. This quartet is with one voice proper, yet there’s not a whole jumble of individuality builds for them to tinker off of, which renders their depiction of their single individualities bland and also unwell. Plus, the cheesy interfered with dialogue doesn’t instead help these individualities any kind of auxiliary enamoring than past their genuinely finely-written arrangement. There some working out of innumerable peels of the past (Mia and also Sasha’s relationship), yet those are instead fleeting. Plus, the basing talents of these four are…at above reproach…unremarkable. Nothing magnificent. To the time, yet, these four individualities instead uninteresting…. stark and also stark.

The rest of the cast, requiring consultant actor John Corbett (My Vast Flab Greek Wedding party and also The Serviceability carriers) as Mia and also Sasha’s papa (Grant), actress Brec Bassinger (Bella and also the Bulldogs and also Unanimously Night) as Catherine, actor Khylin Rhambo (Ender’s Game and also Teenage Wolf) as Carl, and also actor Davi Santos (Enlighten Me a Tale and also Law & Ordinance Real Crook activity) as Ben, are just just caricatures; meant for cannon straw peels for the sharks to inevitably pounce or just to just prohibitive filler time. Jointly (of the whole cast), what’s offered also also worse is that the flick doesn’t have enough time faithful to these individualities to make them wholesome or also to literally or almost care around. Ordinarily, with one voice of these basing talents tote out their above reproach with the item imparted to them, yet it’s instead translucent that neither Roberts or Riera single desired to them genuinely finely-staked out caricatures for the flick’s tale and also nothing auxiliary.


Hell isn’t offered of fire and also brimstone, yet instead the incessantly slog via the depths of the underwater discontinuity (and also predators that swim therein) in the flick 47 Meters Down: Uncaged. Supervisor Johannes Roberts motion image doesn’t have magnificent expectations for this endeavor; situating a filter of “B-ranked” tropes within this shark survival tale. Unfortunately, while a few pieces of its production layouts and also some peaked moments of concern, the flick is dramatically bland (a palette of a genuinely finely written tale, uninteresting individualities, foreseeable suspense, and also just a unwell on the whole function). Right, I didn’t instead care for this flick. Of course, I reckon it’s a particle of an recovery from the original 2017, yet that’s not in fact basing a jumble as the structure that this franchise business (of sorts) isn’t in fact that impressive or artistically innovated. So, despite those few positives, the flick just adjudged down also further by rendering the extremely same crazy miscues. It’s still not as derogatory as the Sharknado movies, yet this flick does mild particle to stoke any kind of thrill. Ultimately, my reference for this flick is a amazing “miss it” as it’s cheesy and also underdeveloped perceiving debacle doesn’t in fact warrant a looksee in any kind of perceiving platform (i.e. in cinemas, abode let loose, rental, TV, etc.). In the run out, despite a few takeaways, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged is just a level out perforate with mild particle interaction within its undercooked excites of the underwater horrors of the deep and also unwell lead personality individualities to also care around throughout its 89-minute runtime.

2.1 Out of 5 (Miss It)

Let loose On: August 16th, 2019
Mulled On: August 21th, 2019

47 Meters Down: Uncaged is 89 mins long and also is ranked PG-13 for sequences of difficult complaint, bloody images, and also temporary amazing language

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