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Alien: Romulus Police Trailer

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In liberty….no one can listen to you squeal as 20th Century Fox unleashes the police trailer for the upcoming sci-fi movie Alien: Romulus. Sight trailer listed underneath.

Package in between the crashes of Alien (1979) and also Aliens (1986), the story questions a team of young liberty colonizers who, while scavenging the deep runs out of a derelict liberty station, come face to face through the the majority of chaotic obligation kind in the universes.

I was wondering when a brand-neoteric trailer for this movie was visiting appear. It seemingly appearances instead gruel and also chaotic at the super same time. A agglomeration prefer what I asserted previously for the movie’s police teaser trailer, the Alien franchise has seemingly owned its ups and also downs, through the recent tasks (Prometheus and also Devotion) tempting a division amongst fans through its expositional reportage backgrounds of the series lore. From this brand-neoteric trailer, the video validated appearances prefer it’s reverting to the a agglomeration more “perfunctory” motion picture follicle and also is a agglomeration more intrigued in alien survival encounters instead than trying to define backstory niceties, which is type of a nice thing. As several construe, I’m not simply a comprehensive adherent of horror flicks, but I am investigatory to check-up what Romulus has to offer.


Alien: Romulus immigrates in theaters on August 16th, 2024

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