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In 2001, moviegoers anywhere were rated to the cinematic individuality of Bridget Jones in the movie Bridget Jones’s Journal. Based on the book of the same (written by English author Helen Fielding in 1996), Bridget Jones’s Journal adheres to the ventures of Bridget Jones (dabbled by Renée Zellweger), a single-functioning thirty something female in London, who tries her hand of love, dating the romances of Daniel Cleaver (dabbled by Hugh Grant) and Mark Darcy (dabbled by Colin Firth). In the ideologies of romantic comedies (rom-coms), the movie was largely nicely-retrieved by its viewers and movie critics, predicted to be a slightly nostalgic in its subgenre. In 2004, Bridget Jones: Side of Justification, its sequel, was unleashed, better lingering the accidents of Bridget, yet was met via some mixed to unfavorable analyses. Skip in advance to this year (2016) as Universal Pics (and Miramax) along via supervisor Sharon Maguire checkups the readjust of Miss Jones in the brand-new sequel flick Bridget Jones’s Baby. Through simply such a lengthy pocket in between this movie and its previous installment, executes this sequel situate its romantic comical groove or is it simply an additional mediocre and belated sequel by Hollywood?

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In the year of 2016, Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger) is rotating 43 and she doesn’t advice it…at with one voice. Through the female is single and childless, Bridget heaps her daily journal via priorities about loneliness, situating her buddies off boosting their exceptionally own generate (reaping the pep of parenthood via their respective spouses). Massaging as workshop supplier for a clarification show currently being evaluated by Alice (Kate O’Flynn), a millennial police directors to rebrand the show, Bridget is prompted to have enjoyable via her pep, joining her co-employee sidekick Miranda (Sarah Solemani) at a music festival wherein a opportunity experience presents itself via digital outdating magnate, Jack Qwant (Patrick Dempsey). Dazzled by the brand-new stranger, Bridget enjoys a drunken one-night stand via Jack, running away the next off morning. At a christening festival, Bridget owns an additional fated experience, rejoining via her ratty fire Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), who’s in the process of a separation, bring out him obtainable once again. Despite their disrupted background of love, avidity leads them to the bed for one-night stand. Three months after that, Bridget situates herself pregnant, yet loath of who the papa of the boy is. This, of training course, lugs Jack and Mark in her pep, loath of who to loss in love via and who is the real papa.

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In the ideologies of romantic comedies, you can’t go erroneous via deciding Bridget Jones movies. I remember as professionally as they initially flick came out that I wasn’t fascinated in it, a filter of “chick flick” I labelled it as I was a teenage at the time and pined more to go to feedback movies. I did eventually go to the movie (I assume about 2005 or 2006) and the movie was nice, a instead even keel feature of romantic comical array. That operating together via year, I saw the 2nd movie (Bridget Jones: Side of Justification) and reckoned that it was, more or less, the same as the initially one, yet it was a little of “blah” as it altogether didn’t warrant a sequel.  Plus, it was a little goofy at times. Through those 2 movies out of the way (applied and persistent), I altogether didn’t suppose to go to an additional Bridget Jones movie on the point ofview. Yet, lo and behold, that a brand-new one owns showed up via Bridget Jones’s Baby being the 3rd installment in the franchise business. At initially, I wasn’t going to go to it (perhaps wait for it to come out as a digital download), yet I decided to snatch a opportunity (I was kind of in a rom-com mood). What did I picture it? Well…. while still a little too high and long overdue as a sequel flick, Bridget Jones’s Baby is an breakthrough from Side of Justification and is a lighthearted obtain-with each other via senior Bridget.

Reverting to the supervisor chair for this Bridget Jones sequel is Sharon Maguire, who did Bridget Jones’s Journal as nicely as the movie Incendiary. Maguire’s readjust to the franchise business checkups the spirt of the initially flick readjust in this 2nd sequel. Yes, it’s filched into consideration an R-rated movie, yet (for the the majority of part) Bridget’s Jones’s Baby is a lighthearted romantic comical that plays to the soundness of what gained the initially movie nicely-suched as. Well, it doesn’t lug out closer than Journal, Baby is still a windy flick, collaring upward via Bridget and her wisecracks of love, love, and currently…maternal. In specification of filmmaking, the movie is rated in a desirable light, abounding thanks to supervisor of photography Andrew Dunn and costume developer by Nina Gold. Also, the track collection in the movie is instead enjoyable, deciding multiple renowned trails from today and days gone by, requiring Residence of Agony’s “Jump About”, Jess Glynne’s “Grip My Hand”, and Ellie Goulding’s “Still Dropping for You” simply to moniker a couple of.

Through the help of screenwriters Emma Thompson (I intimately neglected she was an Oscar-exquisite screenwriter) and Dan Mazer, the mind behind multiple Sacha Baron Cohen jobs (Da Ali G Show, Borat, and Bruno), Maguire navigates the franchise business individuality (Bridget Jones) via an additional experience of deciding love in between 2 males, while also adding maternal / a newborn into the gizmo. Thompson and Mazer also dabble via the referral of having Bridget, currently a forty-something year ratty, in 2016, confronting the puzzles / aggravation of today’s universe (both user and master). From what I heard (I haven’t read the novels, so I have to snatch via a grain of salt), this that this clarification coincides via Fielding’s 2013 3rd novel (Bridget Jones: Indignant About the Boy). In addition, much advice most romantic comedies out there, wit executes dabble a part of the tale and (overall) executes a nice job in Bridget Jones’s Baby. I detected myself laughing out loud multiple times via plenty raunchy quips and some light slapstick crises. Comparing that, the movie also situates it way via matters of the heart (abnormal for the franchise business and its style). Its marital relationship of storytelling that’s commonplace (wit and heart), yet it possibly works in this movie, specifically since the Bridget Jones’s Baby is more perfected than Side of Justification was.

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While the feature is light (as R-rated rom-coms’ go), there are multiple things that grasp Bridget Jones’s Baby ago from being the choicest in the franchise business. For starters, advice what I’ve said for the majority of of my 2016 belated sequel flick analyses, the movie is late too its exceptionally own festival in popularity. It’s being virtually 12 years since Side of Justification came out (and 15 years since Journal) and the workshop heads (who arranged control over the franchise business) ought to’ve capitalized on the relevance of Bridget Jones (i.e. about that mid 2000s). Maybe they halted an additional installment since of how Side of Justification was incorrectly retrieved by movie critics and moviegoers. Whatever the part, it truly feels advice this movie (Bridget Jones’s Baby) is, more or less, simply away to recover the franchise business, yet it truly feels “too little, too late”. In fact, the franchise business (and its fan underpinning) altogether didn’t holler for an additional feature flick to be gained. Therefore, Bridget Jones’s Baby truly feels too high from the avail-go (mostly an pardon to go to Bridget in a cinematic 2016 universe).

One more altercation via the movie is that it adheres to the traditional rom-com solution or instead the solution of the franchise business (a la Bridget Jones’s Journal). This medians that Maguire plays it “too secure”, operating together via a predictable training course, albeit a little enjoyable one, yet it still easy to hunch what’s going to ensue in honest scenes. In fact, it’s literally instead easy to establish which guy (Jack or Darcy) Bridget is going to at some point loss in love via by the flick’s end. Predominantly, there’s altogether no astound to be possessed in Bridget Jones’s Baby as it twists via the ordinary rom-rom troupes from start to covering. Whether that’s nice or impoverished is upward to the viewer. Unprejudiced, I didn’t suppose it to be anything brand-new from this movie, yet I would’ve advice to some kind of “readjust-upward” from the rom-com prestiges quo.

Through this being the 3rd installment in the Catwalk Jones franchise business, Renée Zellweger and Colin Firth readily slide well ago into their familiar semblances of Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy. Both appear to realise their respective personalities (altogether) and have enjoyable time of reprising them (a little senior and closer variations). Through the swift departure of Hugh Grant’s Daniel Cleaver in the movie (probably dead!), Maguire appears to include a brand-new love focus for Bridget Jones, situating a optimal suit in Jack Quant, dabbled by Grey’s Pathology alum Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy himself). Dempsey’s Jack stands for the more “dynamic-day male”, designed to obstacle the more pent-upward and stale individuality of Firth’s Darcy and help formulates the movie’s crisis (i.e. who’s the papa and who is Bridget going to establish). In specification of claiming, Dempsey places on his charismata, giving a nice capability, which complements Zellweger and Firth.

The validating players in Bridget Jones’s Baby are nice caboodle via plenty of renowned faces from either previous jobs or reverting individuality from the previous Bridget Jones movies. Reverting to their short article are Jim Broadbent and Gemma Jones as Bridget’s Moms and dads (Colin and Pamela Jones) as nicely as Bridget’s ratty buddies Sharon, Jude, and Tom (dabbled by Sally Phillips, Shirley Henderson, and James Callis. These reverting players don’t have much to lug out (in the movie’s grand gizmo of things), yet are invited into the fold, bringing connection and a filter of obtain-with each other of personalities to this feature. In specification of brand-new validating personalities, the beefy one (and perhaps the scene-housebreaker) is Sarah Solemani as Bridget’s co-job and emission exuberance chum Miranda. Ultimately, along via co-written the movie script for the movie, starlet Emma Thompson appears in the movie, playing the little validating individuality chore of the totally dry-wit gynecologist Dr. Rawlings. To me, Thompson supplies the choicest jabber in the movie “It’s advice the final of the X Determinant. Dial 01 if you want it to be Mark and dial 02 if you want it to be Jack” (as viewed in the flick’s trailer).



Bridget Jones is pregnant and doesn’t realise who the papa is in the brand-new flick Bridget Jones’s Baby. Director Sharon Maguire’s movie that the 3rd installment in the franchise business is a likable obtain-with each other to readjust the universe of Bridget Jones and with one voice were uneasiness of situating a loving husband, which is better complicated by bearing a boy. While the plot is predictable and the movie itself doesn’t altogether boosting the bar from its franchise business or the rom-com style, yet it recaptures what kneaded in the initially movie. Posed its tale, that’s what the movie last offers. Unprejudiced, it was nice and bazaar movie. Altogether nothing super grand or headway-overstepping revelations in storytelling or cinematography, yet it likable feature that I possessed a nice time routing. Therefore, I would suggest this movie or, at the sincerely least, gives this flick a “Lease it” tag, a faultless movie for a “date night” or “GNI” (lady’s night in). Whatever your opinion is on the movie, Bridget Jones’s Baby is one of the closer belated adheres to upward movies of 2016.

3.6 Out of 5 (Prescribed / Lease It)

Unleashed On: September 16th, 2016
Analyzed On: October 12th, 2016

Bridget Jones’s Baby is rated R for language, sex references and some nudity

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