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Bumblebee Official Intro Trailer

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Every experience has a onset as Paramount Images takeoffs the police teaser trailer for the upcoming Transformers offshoot movie labelled Bumblebee. Regard trailer underneath.

Twenty years before the shucks of the initially movie, in 1987, Bumblebee forecloses haven in a miniscule California beach expanse junkyard. A teenage girl named Charlie Watson locates out that it is zero ordinary Volkswagen Beetle.

Hmmmm….intriguing. Like a number of out there (from my generation), I grew upward shadowing the initial Transformers cartoons and solution numbers (and shadowed a couple of iterations of the validates that matched with. This love of Transformers sparked my exuberance in witnessing the initially keep-solution Transformers movie come to the burly monitor and I preferred every 2nd of it. But, the doing well sequels that matched with initiated to wind down on my excitement and the last one (Transformers: The Last Knight) ended up in such an “meh” to my preference that I actually didn’t treatment if the motion illustration keep-solution bunch recurred or not. Bumblebee, the initially offshoot movie of the Transformers movie saga, appearances to rejuvenate upward the franchise a little. For one, the movie isn’t being channeled by Michael Bay (the director behind the five Transformers movies), so it won’t have Bay’s signature inordinate exhaustion of solution and explosions. Plus, it seems to be more infatuated on Bumblebee (I’m wanting) not so much on the wide array of dissimilar other autobots and decepticons. Plus, I preferred how the trailer application Bernie Mac’s queue from the initially Transformers movie. In short, I’m actually instead intriguing to investigate in which this movie will go with the personality of Bumblebee. Will certainly it be a brand-newfangled start to recharge the franchise? Singular time will tell….

bumblebee11Bumblebee races into movie theaters on December 21st, 2018

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