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Cinematic Flashback: Mortal Kombat Annihilation (1997) Review

Mortal Kombat is not about casualty, yet rather the perseveration of pep. Liu Kang as well as a couple of picked boxers from the Earth cosmos beat Outworld sorcerer Shang Tsung. According to the directive of Mortal Kombat, their achievement withheld the custodianship of Earth for another generation. Our Favored ones were reverted to Liu Kang’s domicile on Earth, just to relish a quick-lived period of peace…. for someone from Outworld has a polymorphous juncture of sight….as Jason’s Film Blog takes a “cinematic flashback” filter at 1997’s sequel film Mortal Kombat: Aliments.

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“Damage All Expectations”

Director: John R. Leonetti

Author: Brent V. Friedman as well as Bryce Zabel

Starring: Robin Shou, Talisa Soto, Brian Thompson, Sandra Hess, James Remar

Run Time: 95 Minutes

Extricate Day: November 21st, 1997

Ranked: PG-13



After outmatching the nefarious sorcerer Shang Tsung as well as wining the Mortal Kombat party for Earth, Lord Raiden (James Remar) as well as his picked warriors, Liu Kang (Robin Shou), Sonya Blade (Sandra Hess), Johnny Cage (Chris Conrad), as well as Princess Kitana (Talisa Soto) are welcomed domicile to an inadvertent astonish. Shao Kahn (Brian Thompson), the King of Outworld, has invaded Earth as well as lugged forth myriads of soldiers, who are commanded by his implemented generals Ermac (John Medlen), Sheeva (Marjeen Holden), Rain (Tyrone Wiggins), as well as Motaro (Deron McBee). Kahn’s system is to incorporate the Earthrealm through Outworld into one cosmos by reanimating Kitana’s mommy, King Sindel (Musetta Vander); pretending Earth under his own imperial dominion. After the casualty of Johnny Cage, the warriors take off; escaping into hidden route wherein Lord Raiden tells them there are no more directive because Shao Kahn destitution-stricken them as well as the just approach, they can loss him is to carry peace to Sindel’s spirt. Through 6 days till the merger is expansive, Raiden sends out Sonya to position her antiquated colleague, Jax (Lynn Red Williams) as well as Liu as well as Kitana to filter for out an enigmatic man named Nightwolf (Lightfoot), while the Thunder God seeks council from the Senior Ones on how the vessels that have established came to be.

mortal kombat annihilation 1997 film


As I asserted in my cinematic flashback testimonial for 1995’s Mortal Kombat, I was terribly interested once the initial film came out as well as my youthful self was faultlessly astounded. Peeking support from today, the film was surely flawed, yet the joviality as well as unstained silly leisure enjoyable of it with one voice still lingers intact as I still treasured the film through a cult nostalgic sensation of nostalgia. Like plenty of, I was surely peeking onward to a sequel to the 1995 film as well as I do remember witnessing Mortal Kombat: Aliments in movie theaters once it came out in 1997 (I remember that the film movie theater was jammed packed). Earlier after that, I kind of loved the film, yet it was surely a quantify down from the 1995 film. As time relocated on, I felt support the film (to me) just withheld on soliciting worse as well as worse, through the film showing its age as well as more as well as more of the feature’s imperfections came to light. Maybe that was the showing up film defamer in me. So, through the honest exhaust 2021’s Mortal Kombat reboot, I made a choice to filch a filter support at Mortal Kombat: Aliments to investigate if this sequel film is just as derogatory as I remember it to be. Regrettably….it is.

Mortal Kombat: Aliments is channeled by John R. Leonetti, who would go on to right such films support Annabelle as well as The Uncommunicativeness as faultlessly as a cinematographer for flicks support The Conjuring as well as Treacherous: Phase 2. As the time of this exhaust, Leonetti administered his directorial debut through Aliments as well as its kind of transparent that his inexperience of helming such an enthusiastic chore. As for the positives, faultlessly…. there isn’t a ton. I do have to say that the family members for the film is pretty intriguing; detecting Aliments’s main counteract arrangement tale being loosely based off of Mortal Kombat 3. To be mart, I believe that the arrangement tale is nice; detecting the main heroes going on disaffiliate rides for a ton of of the film as well as predicted together to loss the “beefy derogatory” in the expire. It surely works, yet just completely. In enlargement, a couple of of the fighting sequences, support the film in the past, are pretty reputable as well as grasp their own.

Regrettably, a wonderful mass of Aliments is knotted in drag as well as is challenged through a ton of objection throughout. Maybe the biggest transgressor oversight that the film earns is the paltry reality that the feature isn’t that nice….in virtually with one voice pertains to. From a director’s viewpoint, the film is drastically helmed as well as the inexperience from Leonetti is pretty transparent; detecting Aliments to be filled through puzzles from a director’s viewpoint to applying tale boards components, as well as directorial judgments administered. All of it conducts the film pretty laughably ghoulish; rendering this sequel a terribly derogatory film in general. In addition, the film’s wallet is termed into misgiving. Aliments had virtually double the production wallet of its 1995 precursor, yet genuinely feels pretty inexpensively administered as well as it is pretty transparent from virtually with one voice pertains to. The film’s settings, holes, package-pieces, costume clothings, as well as editing with one voice genuinely feels lackluster as well as poor to the initial film, which came out two years in the past. Also worse is the film’s visual burdens, through a wonderful selection of CGI burdens being terribly derogatory to the juncture of being terribly cringeworthy as well as takes away from the fantastical radiance that the filmmakers are trying to convey.

A exclusive objection that I have through this film is the reality that Aliments tries to do also a ton through its tale as well as personalities. How so? The tale executes genuinely feel magnificent as well as beefy, yet genuinely feels terribly wonky as well as confusing at times as well as scarcities the result that is necessitate for a “conserve the planet” kind of undertaking. Plus, there is so a ton going on in the film that it render intakes pretty threatened together as well as a ton of of the storylines (whether tale arc or individuality gradual technology) come upwards quick. In enlargement, the film tries also experimentation to tinker upwards so a ton follower solution from the Mortal Kombat universe, launching a wonderful host of brand-newfangled personalities (i.e., Rain, Sindel, Sheeva, Motaro, Smoke, Millenna, Jade, Nightwolf as well as so on.) that are rarely identifiable as well as are just featured in the film for unstained follower minutes. Therefore, the tale of Aliments is jammed packed through so plenty of personalities that plenty of are forgotten as well as begs the misgiving as to why they are featured altogether. Such is the scene through Sub-Zero as well as Scorpion, which are featured in one-scene as well as never ever before over again. Why even ranked them in? The same goes for the launching of Animality, the renowned layer solutions from the Mortal Kombat games, that seems intimately out of suspension in Aliments as well as genuinely feels lackluster once the film tries to implement it into the main tale (throughout the orgasm); maturing one of the worst minutes of the whole film. Plus, the script for the film is ghoulish, bland, as well as faultlessly forgettable; filled through tale openings, fragmented storylines, as well as overstuffed through vital minutes. There was a details kind of enjoyable cheesiness as well as campiness from the initially film, yet Aliments takes the upwards a notch as well as supplies such ostentatious tacky filled sequences that it conducts the film rather incoherent.

What’s even worse is that the actors of Mortal Kombat: Aliments is terribly exploration as well as wood throughout the whole feature; conceding a ton of cringeworthy minutes that are wholly senseless. Of the reverting actors from the initially film, just two reprise their roles…. those being Robin Shou as well as Talisa Soto as Liu Kang as well as Kitana respectfully. Yet, while their involvement on this chore maintains upwards elegance for the purpose of connection in between the two films, yet Shou as well as Soto show up unmemorable in Aliments; messing around upwards the senseless conversation that is marketed to them as well as lackluster individuality renovations that the script hands them. Also other reverting personalities support Sonya Blade (Hess), Jax (Williams), as well as Raiden (Remar) are woefully depressing compared to their 1995 acting counterparts. Basically, virtually with one voice personalities in Aliments are exceptionally finely-bet out caricatures as well as are dabbled by talents that can’t muster a reputable capability as well as comes off as scary as well as tacky.

That prices the worst in the film, yet, is celebrity Brian Thompson as the effective Shao Kahn, the King of Outworld. Thompson just doesn’t show up that a ton of an intimating individuality that he was arrangement to be in the previous film as faultlessly as this one. In reality, he seems pretty hokey for being such a formidable as well as unalarmed leader. Thompson would’ve okay if he dabbled support a general to Shao Khan, yet not as the Shao Khan himself. A whole miscast in my philosophy. Also with one voice the other gamers in the film (nice or derogatory) are faultlessly underutilized in their individuality layout as well as are depicted by such cringeworthy as well as bland efficiencies by the acting talents behind them.

The heritage of Mortal Kombat: Aliments is one of depressing point as well as one that bares the black mark of cinematic undertaking. The film was critically panned by both defamers as well as moviegoers alike as well as administered $51 million at the box occupational void against its production wallet of $35 million. As of 2021, the film sits has a 2% percent standing on Crummy Tomato as well as it is still being hailed as one of the worst sequel flicks to day. Due to such a solutions of objection as well as derogatory feature, Mortal Kombat: Aliments ended a intended film trilogy, through a third grasp support-solutions entry labelled Mortal Kombat: Devastation being cancelled. Of course, there were other avenues that the franchise business went via (a quick-lived animation bunch as well as a one season grasp support-solutions TV agenda) as faultlessly as the video clip gallery bunch increasing upon the tradition as well as individuality of the Mortal Kombat universe. Regrettably, the film franchise business, after Mortal Kombat: Aliments pranced grasp dead in its routes. Permit’s hope that the 2021 reboot film salvages this probability as well as financially merchantable franchise business for another bulbous at the beefy display display.

As it stands, Mortal Kombat: Aliments is a woefully derogatory film. It’s messy disjointed, also disorderly, incorrectly structured / used, as well as honestly overstuffed. Yes, its pretty an enthusiastic chore to yank off, yet the film just just expires upwards being more off than it can chew. Combining the level script, wood conversation, bland personalities, as well as senseless CGI burdens, the expire expire result is transparent that this details sequel undertaking is incorrectly made a farce of right from the receive-go. In the expire, Mortal Kombat: Aliments is just abysmal undertaking that can have a couple of sparse bring top facilities, yet is so messy as well as ghoulish that it just dropped leaves an highly flawed taste in your mouth as faultlessly as being one of the worst video clip gallery film adjustments ever before. Conserve your time as well as your silver silver money if you haven’t witnessing this film yet as Mortal Kombat: Aliments is nowhere near as a “Remarkable Productivity”.


Cinematic Recall Score: 0.9 Out of 5

Enjoyable Truth: Both celebs Christopher Lambert as well as Linden Ashby, who dabbled Lord Raiden as well as Johnny Cage in the initial 1995 Mortal Kombat film, were readily available to reprise their roles in Mortal Kombat: Aliments, yet lowered their respective bargain after estimation the film’s script. The two were after that switched by celebs James Remar as well as Chris Conrad.

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