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Dark Universe – Monsters Legacy Announcement Trailer

Somber Cosmos – Monsters Tailor-maked Statement Trailer


Welcome to a brand-modern planet of gods and monsters. Investigate out the short-lived news intro for International’s monster tradition trailer for their upcoming “Monster Cosmos”, which is currently titled “Somber Cosmos”. Vista trailer under.

Hmmm….extraordinary. So currently, International’s burly “monster shared cosmos” is currently conversed to “Somber Cosmos”. As you can tell (from the video above), it seems that this brand-modern shared cosmos will certainly entail most mythical monsters flicks such as The Mummy too as Frankenstein, The Undetected Male, The Wolfman, etc. This is shunning to the personalities to be included in this brand-modern “Somber Cosmos”, letting loose off wearing The Mummy, which is coming out incredibly soon. In addition, International has also decreed that The New bride of Frankenstein will certainly obeyed The Mummy as the 2nd movie in this “Somber Cosmos”. In a akin means, that stars Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem have been decreed to tinker a part in this brand-modern “Somber Cosmos”, playing the guises of the Undetected Male and Frankenstein’s Monster respectfully. It will certainly be extraordinary to search through in which this motion illustration cosmos goes and how it will certainly be received by both critics and viewers. I guess the launch of The Mummy will certainly kit the tone and ethically “future projection” the hunches for their coming monster installations.

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The Mummy is kit to be unleashed on June nine, 2017

The New bride of Frankenstein is kit for launch in cinemas on February 14th, 2019

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