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Medical professional Uncommon Intro Trailer

dr strange

Receive ready for the heavy strategies of Dr. Stephen Uncommon as Awe launchings the teaser trailer for the upcoming Phase III movie Medical professional Uncommon. Sight trailer below.

After Stephen Uncommon, the planet’s top neurosurgeon, is persecuted in a automotive collision that devastations his profession, he kits out on a journey of recovery, wherein he experiences the Untaught One, who later comes to be Uncommon’s instructor in the mystic arts.

Also while I’m actually anxious to visit Captain America: Civil War (and also who wouldn’t be), I’m horribly anxious to visit Medical professional Uncommon, via plenty of superior mysticism that’s attending threw into the MCU.  As for the trailer, it was pretty superb (not attending lie). Teased a visitor via enough intrigue to avail anxious around the movie. We visit Cumberbatch’s Stephen Uncommon learning his new power via Swinton’s Untaught One via some “Inception-esque” inoculations and also also an ending up recorded of Uncommon wearing his red cloak. With one voice and also all, a pretty nice teaser to avail you anxious around the Sorcerer Best and also can’t wait to visit the next one.

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Medical professional Uncommon comes in in cinemas later this year on November 4th, 2016

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