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Jason’s Movie Blog’s “Countdown to Christmas” Digital Movie Giveaway

Jason’s Movie Blog’s “Countdown to Christmas” Digital Movie Free offer

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Introductions to all….tis’ the season to be jolly and the copious “present imparting” for the getaways is proper here and Jason’s Movie Blog is about to do its first free offer.

It’s beyond a darkness of a apprehension that 2020 wasn’t the year for everyone as the international pandemic chattels of COVID-19 has switched over millions of keeps, involving the flick sector itself and all doing well affiliates entailed. To carry in some “getaway joy” at the close of the year 2020, I started to do this little “free offer” to spread some joy to the universes and happy motion illustration tidings to all. I started to call it “Jason’s Movie Blog “Countdown to Christmas” Digital Movie Free offer”.

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From now the next off 15 days (December 10th to December 25th), I’ll be posting digital flick codes on my Instagram account (in “My Story” sector).

What movies will most distinctly I be imparting away the digital duplicates? Nicely, a smorgasbord of them, by means of some being beefy hits in these past few years.

It will most distinctly be largely Blu-ray / HDX digital formats by means of a few 4k digital formats as nicely.

The message by means of the digital code codes will most distinctly be randomly posted in the day (so most distinctly no started reserved time)

It’s up to grabs to all my loyalists (so be quick!)

How to be a part of this free offer? Heed me on Jason (@jasonsmovieblog)

Be sure existing me a “adhere to” on Instagram to help build my loyalists

Fabulous thorough blessing to all and….could the chances be ever before in your favor!!!

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