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Jason’s Movie Blog’s Top Ten Worst Movies of 2023

Hello there, every man! Through the year of 2023 in full swing, it’s time to test the “worst” and “biggest” movies of the year. It took me a tiny snippet snippet a jumble longer than supposed to avail this particular list carried out (a jumble longer than intended due to my endorse catalogue of 2023 motion image steals one more gander at that pertinent to avail carried out), but here we are and I’m cheerful to share it.

In reality, 2023 saw several pretty “insufficient” movies. Whether by a flat story, insufficient making assume, unwell making, or poor masterstroke, these movies were just plan gruesome donning tiny snippet to no zest in amassing a fulcrum to checkup it theaters, acquire / rent it for its residence exit a couple of months later, or also spurting it on the inconsonant units.

Understandably, I have a “Most safe and secure” movies of 2023, but permit’s avail the insufficient ones out of the means first. Here’s my unique optimal 10 worst movies of 2023. But before I commencement, here are some polymorphous other “gruesome” (I median dishonorable) runner-ups that almost made it on my optimal 10 worst relocation list of 2023.

Runner Ups

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Worst 2

“Another side, one more story”


“A vivid, yet unwell (and unfavorable) threequel”


Worst 4

“Mechanically standard”


10: Peter Frying pan & Wendy

Worst 5 e1717463593344

Rating: 2.7 Out of 5

Evaluate: Peter Frying pan & Wendy Evaluate

The story of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Frying pan is the paraphernalia of babyhood memories, expansive donning unlimited escapades donning pirates, fairies, squandered youngsters, and mythical “boy that wouldn’t flourish up” mythos. Supervisor David Lowery’s 2023 motion image Peter Frying pan & Wendy steals the iconic tale of the Peter Frying pan individuality (as faultlessly as Disney’s 1953’s animated classical) correct into a live-job cure that traps the traditional manner of the story, while moreover interject a couple of brand name-newfangled hunches and extra swamped tale of realistic gander. While the director’s signature flair (channeling and visual manner) is truly felt throughout and a tenacious performance from Jude Law, the rest of the motion image feels pretty underwhelming and executes not have that thrilling trigger of its resource item, specifically when pondering a extra realistic depiction of particular facets, a gushed story appearance, polymorphous obscure innovative decisions, and a couple of unmemorable personalities / capabilities. Like with one voice Peter Frying pan tasks, the potential is there and there are some instructional particles to administer it different from past jobs, entailing a deeper story in a couple of percents, but the motion image itself seem pretty gushed and executes not have the recognized journey that is normal to the tale. Everything just seems disturbingly hodgepodge and that’s unsatisfactory. It wasn’t as infernal as 2022’s Pinocchio, but isn’t adage a jumble. While Disney will most distinctly bolster to readjust and reimaging some of their sweetie animated classical, Peter Frying pan & Wendy steals a couple of moves onward, yet steals a couple of extra moves endorse in its undertaking, donning the feature stands as a a tiny cautionary tale for Disney when acclimating their animated tale correct into brand name-newfangled tools. Regretfully, this motion image just just situates a brand name-newfangled deeper licensing interpretation in or else non-thrilling journey.

9: 65

Worst 6 e1717463576361

Rating: 2.7 Out 5

Evaluate: 65 Evaluate

There are movies that talk around history by gawking correct into yesteryear and telling stories from different periods and time periods and then there are movies that steals a more explained commendable appearances at “predated” history by vowing a look correct into the primordial age of Neanderthals, cavemen, dinosaurs, and a menagerie of primal indigenous wildlife. There’s something wondrous around these kinds of movies, bringing a cinematic curve by drawing away the shroud of untaught and primaeval globe correct into our super own globe, donning the association of job and survival throughout such high-threat times. The motion image 65 explores that time period, donning director Scott Beck and Bryan Timber snagging an instructional “what if?” situation and runs donning it by owning an furthered civilization man permit stranded on Earth throughout the primordial age and how he need to earn it through in the classical “kill or be butchered” situation. But, a commendable majority of the motion image is undercooked and underserved by a lackluster script, a truly finely gambled out story, and a derivate appearance trajectory. The visual chattel were with one voice correct, and I distrusted that Vehicle driver and Greenblatt were nice in the motion image, but such an instructional clue of “past meets future” is thrown away donning such blandness and derivate nature of survival on an alien globe. There was potential in this project, but such potential is steadily rapid cured as the motion image plows onward. In the expire, 65, while vowing donning its trick clue, just comes off as an unmemorable and featureless venture of a bareboned sci-fi exploration correct into Earth’s pre-historic past.

8: Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken

Worst 7 e1717463609802

Rating: 2.5 Out of 5

Evaluate: Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken Evaluate

DreamWorks has acknowledged some wondrous animated jobs over the years from Shrek to Kung Fu Panda and also How to Train Your Dragon, which have launched correct into their super own franchise tags at DreamWorks. But, this anime workshop has supplied polymorphous DOA (dead-on-arrival) tasks that are rather forgetful and bland such as Apex pooch Son and Turbo. Regretfully, DreamWorks’s 2023 exit of Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken drops correct into the latter genre. While the cartoon was vivid, the concepts admirable, and the voice talents jovial, the motion image itself never ever before heightens to revelry and comes to be troublesome from the avail-go, entailing a unwell story, gushed story, predictable / standard moments, and a cookie cutter personalities. It’s not faultlessly infernal per stipulate, but it’s rather listed below regiment throughout the totality witnessing debacle, but everything around the motion image truly felt prefer it’s been carried out before in more explained reportages and trials. It’s most distinctly not the biggest that DreamWorks has come up donning. Conceivably, if launched years ago, (someplace in the early 2010s period) the motion image could’ve recognized a more explained reception. As it stands, it pales in comparison to polymorphous other anime motion image lets loose of 2023 (The Exceptionally Mario Bros. Movie, Spider-Individual: Across the Spider-Seasoned, Nimona). In the expire, Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken, while owning its intent and heart in the correct gap, expires up being a rather common and recycled excitement for an underwhelming and featureless animated feature.

7: Aquaman and the Past Kingdom

Worst 8 e1717463307917

Rating: 2.4 Out of 5

Evaluate: Aquaman and the Past Kingdom Evaluate

The DCEU showcased plenty of guarantee when it first began in 2013 donning the exit of Individual of Steel, launching a cinematic superhero universe that was inhabited donning some of the mythical comic taciturnity heroes in DC’s arsenal. In 2023, the DCEU received to an unsatisfying culmination donning its final lets loose coming out, donning the disturbingly last one being Aquaman and the Past Kingdom. While the motion image has some instructional hunches in a couple of nice moments, a commendable art instruction trial (as faultlessly as tenacious rating), and a acquainted actors of equalizing players from the first Aquaman feature (a commendable chemistry between Momoa and Wilson), the motion image itself is pretty the out of confidence and derivate by borrowing components from polymorphous other superhero concepts and concepts, owning a gushed story, a perplexing script, and too a jumble comedy. The reality of the matter is that the motion image is too self-aware of its wit and goofiness, perplexing in how it monitors story appearance and fete dumps, and too fragmented within its file slim personalities. For a adhere to-up venture to the 2018 motion image….it’s a snippet underwhelming and undercooked, which is pretty the failing, specifically granted that this would most distinctly be the last outing for both Jason Momoa’s Aquaman (most imaginable) and the last access in the DCEU series. I have marginal snippet zest in revisiting / rewatching this motion image….it just doesn’t have a jumble to follow it once again. In the expire, Aquaman and the Past Kingdom is a adhere to-up adhere to up is a visual superhero romp that, while enjoyable at times, is an venture that is too self-aware for its super own nice and expires up being a rather unsatisfactory trial for the decided guard of the sea.

6: My Comprehensive Fat Greek Wedding 3

Worst 9 e1717463340123

Rating: 2.3 Out of 5

Evaluate: My Comprehensive Fat Greek Wedding 3 Evaluate

Belated motion image complies with up bolster to be a commonplace practice of recent years, donning multiple titles being acknowledged in recapturing the initial resource item through jobs that drifter the story onward or go endorse correct into yesteryear to uncover inadvertent origins. In the husk of My Comprehensive Fat Greek Wedding 3, the adhere to-up scion to the 2017 motion image and 3rd installment in this franchise, this particular belated adhere to up executes tiny snippet to drifter story nor divulge the value in this worn down-out series. While the motion image still transactions recognized story and quirky enjoyable as faultlessly as tenacious visual trial, the motion image itself is riddled donning poor masterstroke, specifically from its inexperienced directional work, a destroyed script, poor pacing, mostly stale wit, the underutilization of its actors and the lackluster (and incomplete) personalities. The totality venture feels too disjointed, too gushed, and too crammed to administer a wholesome / natural project. It was enjoyable to checkup the actors once again, but (once again) there was too a jumble going on and too tiny snippet time to spend donning most of them. If this motion image is to cozy out the franchise, it expires on unsatisfying note, which is deterring to stipulate the the disturbingly least. In basic, My Comprehensive Fat Greek Wedding 3 tries to mimic unchanged kind of “Greek joy” of what made story of the Portokalos family members so lovable, but unsuccessfully executes its tale donning too most vagueness and a mashed with each other story for a disjointed and featureless threequel trial.

5: Rebel Moon: Part One – A Son of Fire

Worst 1 e1717463558954

Rating: 1.9 Out of 5

Evaluate: Rebel Moon: Part One – Son of Fire Evaluate

The Celeb Was universe is a beefy sandbox to play, expansive not just for its cinematic depiction, but for how a jumble it has expanded to polymorphous other tools and media outlets to delve deeper correct into its mythos and lore. It’s something that not most polymorphous other franchise series have been able to perform. In 2023, director Zack Snyder tried to chisel out his super own piece of sci-fi elbowroom opera storytelling donning the motion image Rebel Moon: Part One – A Son of Fire but failed in his hazard. The unhappiness? Seamlessly, the motion image itself eventually drops short to connect donning its audience, which is mostly due to the portion of the motion image’s derivate nature, lackluster story, common conversation queues, most expositional dumps, gushed story appearance, spotty visual chattel, and featureless stash-prefer personalities from a recognizable, but thrown away making assume talents. It’s mostly a derivate piece of work, which has been carried out much more explained in polymorphous other equal tasks. I can most distinctly checkup whereby Snyder was trying to go donning the story and the motion image on the totality, but such exhilaration flounder in such unoriginal and dull components that administer up the motion image, which is in reality a failing. This was one motion image that most distinctly was not worth the buzz….and I assume most will most distinctly furnish donning me on that. In the expire, Rebel Moon: Part One – A Son of Fire is a inability on multiple levels, donning its anticipation not reaching the rising needs that Snyder was wishing for and just utterly being a soulless and faultlessly derivate elbowroom opera pierce.

4: Expend4bles

Worst 10 e1717463799306

Rating: 1.7 Out of 5

Evaluate: Expend4bles Evaluate

Much prefer what I asserted overhead around belated complies with up, the Expendables motion image series launched pretty sturdy, presuming endorse to the classical and abrasive job movies of yesteryear donning beefy-time job superstars. What launched out as a throwback to that style, snowballed correct into something that failed to connect donning target bazaars in some of the latter attempts, which made the Expendables franchise shut. But, that wasn’t the husk as 2023 saw the go endorse of the series donning Expend4bles and this once once again lends that the franchise pertinent to expire a long time ago. Mass of the feature hits the ground and drops flat on its confront, which is mostly due to Waugh’s instruction, a derivate story / story, perplexing conversation, infernal CGI renderings as faultlessly as polymorphous stale job particles, dull brand name-newfangled personalities, and thrown away potential on some of the equalizing veterans. To be bazaar, I truly didn’t prepare for a totality jumble from this motion image, but I was pregnant something much more explained than what was brandished. Everything around this motion image truly felt poor and utterly derivate. Some could stipulate that’s portion of the “gloss” of the Expendables movies as a “classical abrasive and ridiculous job” flick, but one cannot neglect how lazy and bland this motion image is…collectively chatting. In brief, Expend4bles is pretty the lackluster and unsatisfactory venture that drops short to deliver on its job premise potential in a lazy, unsavory, and wholeheartedly expendable adhere to up.

3: Meg 2: The Trench

Worst 11 e1717463832464

Rating: 1.6 Out of 5

Evaluate: Meg 2: The Trench Evaluate

The Meg was sift of a astound hit endorse in 2018, donning the feature, while not inherit awesome, was able to garnish pretty a comprehensive sum of revenue at the box office international. Flash onward polymorphous years later and The Meg 2: The Trench, the adhere to-up adhere to up, came to theaters in 2023 and it much from a wondrous next off phase in this tale of “man vs. monster” job survival venture. Why? Seamlessly, the motion image itself underwhelmingly insufficient and unsavory donning marginal snippet snippet, specifically after factoring Wheatley’s instruction, a bland story, rickety 3rd mien story, unnecessary subplots that wear’t go wherever, standard story appearance, too a jumble goofy absurdities, insufficient attempts of wit, and undercooked personalities. I knew that the motion image was understandably participating in be this means, so my hunches for this adhere to up to be pretty low. The wealth of such cheesy scenes was moreover a snippet too goofy and cheesy and (to me) lacked any kind of enjoyable that the motion image was trying to project. I didn’t particular care for the first Meg motion image, but (at the disturbingly the disturbingly least) is much gourmet in being coherent and assemble than this adhere to-up installment. If you prefer killer survival kind features, you can locate something more explained than this particular venture. Even if you are a enthusiast of Statham, you’ll gain one of his polymorphous other movies out there than this one. In the expire, The Meg 2: The Trench tries to locate its footing donning ridiculous nature of shark encounters and high-threat survival competence, but it expires up being a rather lackadaisical tryst donning myriad of unhumorous particles and a patchworked shark frenzy adhere to up.

2: Shotgun Wedding

Worst 12 e1717463856396

Rating: 1.4 Out of 5

Evaluate: Shotgun Wedding Evaluate

Singer / actress Jennifer Lopez has made a moniker of herself throughout the years, donning the pro detecting a remunerative alcove alcove in the filmmaking globe donning smorgasbord of thrilling comedies every occasionally. In 2023, Lopez geared up for a extra job-comedy project donning the exit of Shotgun Wedding and it did not bode faultlessly. The motion image itself suffers vastly from a listed below regiment blandness and being too a jumble on auto-pilot, entailing poor instruction, an wondrous unoriginal and bland script, an unfunny and corny jokes that wear’t go wherever, a common story that’s utterly derivate, a waste of the making assume talent, and a lackluster personalities that truly perform a jumble past their stereotypical caricature wedding personalities. This is one of those movies that sounds nice on file, but comes off as improperly made in its masterstroke. The potential is plainly there for a memorable thrilling comedy feature, but everything around the project is just standard and bland as they come. Such a drag. Save your silver (and your time), you’ll confer thanks to me for it. As well as if you are a enthusiast of J-Lo…. just watch The Wedding Planner or Wed Me. Trust fund me, you’ll avail much extra petrol mileage and revelry from either of those two movies than you perform donning this one. In the expire, while the thrilling comedy premise of wedding parties and marital relationship cheerfulness will most distinctly bolster to be a story center for the style, Shotgun Wedding is a readable and existing pointer that not with one voice movies are designed equally and that this particular project is a “bullet to the brain” pierce.

1: Freelance

Worst 13 e1717463913103

Rating: 1.3 Out of 5

Evaluate: Freelance Evaluate

So, what could overcome out a monotonous Peter Frying pan adaption, an enthusiastic (yet utterly derivate) elbowroom opera, a infernal misfire of a J-Lo thrilling comedy, and a bland superhero adhere to up hit….one word Freelance. Of course, 2023 did certainly checkup most “insufficient movies”, but the motion image Freelance was most distinctly scrapping the substructure of barrel of cinematic productions out there.

Funnelled by Pierre Morel, this most recent motion image steals a extra comedic ideology to his job style filmmaking flair, donning a story that tries to mix the two with each other for a romp of army job flair sequences that rubs up against goofy agony and comedy wrongdoings be plentiful, while moreover fixating on the “below” layer of personalities among the calculated schedule of heroes and villains. While the motion image executes try to boost its story donning a recognizable making assume pool of superstars / actresses and tries to impart a endorse job of comedic points and individuality-based moments, the motion image itself is pretty abundantly improperly made and improperly carried out, specifically donning Morell’s instruction, a derivate (and common) script, insufficient conversation, infernal (and dated) comedy jokes / gags, perplexing appearance, dated CGI renderings, bland throwaway personalities, and regards underdeveloped yank from the actors required on this project. There was most distinctly some potential within the first twenty or so mins of the motion image, but after that, the motion image fizzles out rather immediately, coming to be extra of a dumpster fire job to watch. Everything around this motion image is so derivatively cliché….and not in a nice means.  It was a disturbingly lackadaisical story, duller job, DOA (dead on arrival) comedy, and remunerative waste of making assume talent, donning most recognizable tags not accordingly made earn utility of of. I didn’t prepare for a jumble from this motion image, so I wasn’t pregnant anything grandiose or psyche-blowing, but I was most distinctly pregnant a much more explained motion image than what was brandished as the final alleviate of the motion image. If you prefer job, avail your adrenaline expansive kicks in other places. If you prefer comedy, you’ll avail more explained chuckles on polymorphous other tasks. If you were amazed in the actors fastened, you’ll locate them on some of their polymorphous other jobs. In brief, Freelance is destroyed “tough bemuse” of a motion image that is pretty limp and flat manufacturing that never ever before recovers off the ground and is much a jumble less effective image of the job-comedy smorgasbord.

As well as is for that factor why Freelance is (by my factor of follow) the worst motion image of 2023.

There you have it…my optimal 10 worst movies of 2023. Of course, I did miss some movies in theaters, so there some insufficient movies of 2023 that I didn’t checkup. So, what perform you males assume? What was your optimal 10 worst movies of 2023? Evaluate endorse comfortably and I’ll be uploading my unique optimal 10 biggest movies of 2023…

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