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Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023) Review



In 2019, the DCEU was proceeding to struggle to uncover its progression amongst the superhero style, especially using prior mixed receptions of facility flicks, entailing Batman v Superman: Sunrise of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Justice League. That being said, this shared cinematic cosmos of DC Comic’s heroes and villains owns glimmered appropriately using other produces such as Love Lady and Aquaman; validating that the franchise business still owns spiritedness within its comic taciturnity resource content (just obligatory to be modified additional). This proved to be rather the foreground for the loves of other superheroes from the DC background to lug out their colossal-monitor launching, entailing the loves of Shazam in the 2019 flick Shazam!, the seventh installment in the DCEU. Funnelled by David F. Sandberg, the film, which starred Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Mark Durable, adheres to young x-rated Billy Batson, that is picked by an old wizard to his gradual winner by motto the moniker “Shazam”, allowing him to variation into x-rated superhero using underhanded plenty of superpowers, while in addition addressing parental past battles as nicely as disapproving the evil menaces from Dr. Thaddeus Sivana and his 7 Deadly Sins monsters. Shazam! went on to become a really instrumental success amongst viewers, that praised the facility for Sandberg’s guideline and the experiences from Levi, Angel, and Grazer, as nicely as lighter tone / sense of fun. In renovation, the film was in addition a box workplace success by grossing over $366 million international, which prompted a follow-up sequel to be greenlit at some time after the theatrical let loose of the job. Presently, after multiple years have started and after the spin-off job in 2022’s Black Adam (being one of mixed thoughts), Warner Bros. Workshops and director David F. Sandberg antiphon to the escapades of Billy Batson (and his superhero recalibrate ego) using the flick Shazam! Fierceness of the Gods. Lugs out this sequel affirm to be effective in its superhero style or owns the “fire up” run out for this heroic “boy comes rescuer” yarn?

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Being a superhero isn’t easy and avails rather slipshod for Billy Batson (Asher Angel) and his superpowered alternate type, Shazam (Zachary Levi), using the boy around to revolve 18 years worn and hard using aging out of the foster care educational program he’s prospered to love. He’s accompanied by his heroic family members, entailing speedy talker Frederick “Freddy” Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer and Adam Brody), gamer Eugene Choi (Ross Butler and Ian Chen), elder brother Mary Bromfield (Poise Fulton), absorbing-natured Darla (Confidence Herman and Megan Nice), and reluctant Pedro Pena (Jovan Armand and D.J. Cotrona), hoping to withhold the gang together as they job-related to espouse the metropolis of Philadelphia from menaces and questions, yet involvement is initiating to discolor as team makes contraptions for the future. Destructive into Billy’s existential superhero tension are the daughters of Atlas, Hespera (Helen Mirren) and Kalypso (Lucy Liu), that are arranging to fetch the Subordinate of the Gods, establishing on them power to manipulate sorcery as rapidly as once again, that was freshly reforged by the old wizard (Djimon Hounsou) that possessed as rapidly as pocketed the power of the gods. Through a revenge versus the temporal planet, the daughters of Atlas design to wreak havoc as Shazam rapidly recognizes he’s unable to include the circumstance, while Freddy is busied by Anthea (Rachel Zegler), a gradual pupil in university captivated in the boy’s agony in the neck kindness.

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As I’ve said multiple times before in my testimonials, I’m additional of a Marvel follower than a DC fanboy. I wear’t repudiation the DCEU, especially since I love multiple of their superhero installments, entailing Male of Steel, Love Lady, Aquaman, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, yet I just really felt that the MCU owns spotted a sweet solution in their cinematic storytelling of posing Marvel’s heroes and villains in their shared franchise business cosmos. Probably the noncompliance is because Marvel’s MCU owns an movie director (Kevin Feige) to over these information assignments, while DCEU did at one time (Zack Snyder), yet that rapidly stuttered, using plenty of movies installments after 2017’s Justice League fingering a tad disassociated from each other and additional like standalone endeavors. Yet that’s neither listed underneath neither there as this brings up 2019’s Shazam! and how it proved to be rather effective superhero win for the DCEU. Provided, plenty of humans (causal viewers and comic taciturnity fans) spotted this flick to be an astounding flick to watch, especially since it was a tiny fragment additional lighter (in its tone) and a additional hilarious particles that the previous DCEU past endeavors. Although, I perform really feel that the flick really felt a tiny underwhelming at times and that the wrap up amount tone repeatedly can really feel a tad wonky, using plenty of substantial parts have a darker emphasis, which drank versus the lighthearted premise. That being said, I did really feel like the film’s cast was durable, using actor Zachary Levi spearheading the penalty in a durable way as nicely as Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer issuing plenty of heart and giggling in their measuring up to errands. Undocked amount, I really felt like Shazam! was a sort of “breath of fresh undercurrent” that, while not the unabridged ideal of the DCEU access, still possessed spirit to “dance to its exceptionally own vanquished” using enough superhero swagger to its moniker for a fun (yet a little infinite) comic taciturnity romp.

Usually, this brings me ago around to talking around Shazam! Fierceness of the Gods, a 2023 superhero film, the 12th installment in the DCEU, and the follow-up sequel to the 2019 facility. Indeed, it owns been some time since we (the viewers) have viewed Levi’s Shazam, especially using a couple of clogs in the works and other assignments in the DCEU snagging additional of a centerstage. As remarked, the flick was greenlit at some time after the let loose and was inquisitive to see what lay in stand for Billy Batson and his gradual spotted family members. Of training course, director David F. Sandberg was headlined to antiphon to the job as director, while actor Zachary Levi would most clearly reprise his guise as Shazam in the facility. In time, other introducing talents began to be secured to the honest film, entailing starlet Rachel Ziegler, Lucy Lu, and Helen Mirren. From that singly, this flick sequel peeked rather promising. Comfortably, the film’s flick trailer began to appear online (and in movie theaters), which showcased multiple gradual facility and appeared to withhold the additional lighthearted tones from the first film as nicely as lug a additional forceful threat for the heroes to challenge off versus.

Therefore, sold the excitement in prospective that this sequel possessed, I was rather inquisitive to see what Shazam! Fierceness of the Gods was attending deal and intended on studying it as rapidly as it was originally intended to come out on April 1st, 2022. I say originally intended to come out as the flick confronted multiple clogs and day shuffles, using some being due to the ongoing struggle of the COVID-19 pandemic as nicely as some transmitting around to proceed to be translucent of event. Therefore, the film was shifted around before landed on a last firm let loose day of March 17th, 2023. I did lug out intake a probability to see the facility on its opening day and decided to push to lug out intake my weigh done as rapidly as dependable. And also what did I picture this Shazam! sequel? Nicely, it was just with one voice right. Regardless of upping the stake on the tale and visual reaction, Shazam! Fierceness of the Gods is a fun (yet sub-par) superhero romp that avails some things right and wrong throughout its task and undertaking. It’s most clearly not as horrifying as say 2022’s Black Adam, yet it plays it threat-unshackle and keeps the familiar rather than snagging the tale of Billy Baston (and his superhero family members) to the next level.

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Shazam! Fierceness of the Gods is channeled by David F. Sandberg, whose previous directorial works include the previous Shazam! facility as nicely as Lights Out and Annabelle: Evolve. Granted his proficiency by helming the first film, Sandberg appears like the plenty of usurp will to linear the follow-up Shazam! sequel. In that respect, I think that Sandberg most clearly succeeds, anatomy upon what he started before and anatomy upon that the first film. Indeed, the director most certainly makes Fierceness of the Gods have that classic touch of “larger” tale, using plenty of additional to see and perform throughout the facility. Therefore, the viewing ordeal (wrap up amount) is a much better one than the last Shazam!, yet it isn’t as fixated as that one (additional on that listed underneath). Still, for much better or worse, Sandberg strategies this gradual flick using the same type of zippiness and wit that the previous Shazam! was carved to be, using Fierceness of the Gods fingering like a proper extension to its 2019 initial. Of training course, some readjusts are a fragment amassed, which are a tiny fragment for the much better, entailing Sandberg rendering the tale really feel much more described using additional at stake than the previous plot. Therefore, rapidly Fierceness of the Gods feels like a bigger flick using “preserve the planet” type antics rushing ramped, which (sold the nature of the tale) feels right at abode and carries out cede on the larger-reaction kit-hunks that Sandberg and his junior utilize throughout the tale. In renovation, there is a tiny fragment of a fully prospered tale to tell that, while owns plenty of time for wit and view tricks, feels like the personalities are cultivation up a tiny fragment; a nice touch in a couple of secret moments. That’s not to say that Sandberg doesn’t lug out the Fierceness of the Gods altogether blemished, using a absorbing majority of the facility fingering the same type of superhero bravado in multiple colossal parts, entailing the wit and humorous easy.

In addition, Sandberg keeps the film transmitting at a fast price. While information scenes perform go on a slightly tangent using some undue and / or peripheral niceties, the flick itself never ever feels drab or drab of which they is plenty to see and perform throughout. Therefore, the film’s runtime of 130 minutes (2 hours and ten minutes) sort of hurries by at a snappy price, using plenty of “overeating, bang, boom” visual attractions for this superhero smash hit. In the run out, while not uniquely the most facility sequel undertaking, Sandberg still swipes care of to lug out Fierceness of the Gods a rollercoaster of facility film, using plenty of visual pageantry, larger-than-spiritedness personalities (heroes and villains), and touch of wit and heart that melds into the superhero nuances.

For the film’s discussion, I would most clearly say that Fierceness of the Gods most certainly carries out outpace its predecessor, using the sequel taking care of to craft a additional visual easy for the job than the previous Shazam!. Real enough, the facility’s pocketbook is bigger, which is studying throughout the entire movement image discussion, using plenty of additional unit and kit formats that are additional intricate and additional outlined….regardless if they are presented in reasonable sort or fantastical. Therefore, the pointer of bringing additional reaction and visual facets helps build upon this notion and lug out the entirety undertaking rather a visual feast for the eyes and feels additional like a proper smash hit than the last retreat. Therefore, the film’s “behind the scenes” secret players, entailing Paul Kirby (manufacturing architecture), Danielle Berman (kit decors), Louise Mingenbach (outfit models), and the entire art guideline junior for their initiatives on this Shazam! sequel. I in addition have to point out the film’s visual effects, which the flick owns plenty to brag and I perform uncover plenty of the mythological pests that the flick owns to deal. It definitively is a reward for the eyes and carries out simplify (visually talking) in contrast to its 2019 counterpart. In renovation, the cinematography job-related by Gyula Pados carries out some astounding job-related using his habits of filmmaking, which keeps the flick layered using some vivid shots and intake of creative guessing to withhold some scenes fresh and remarkable superhero pizzazz to them. Ultimately, the film’s trails, which was wrote by Christopher Beck, was rather absorbing throughout the flick, which incorporated plenty of the flick’s additional overblown moments of reaction and heroism as nicely as some quieter discussion moments as nicely. Unanimously in with one voice, absorbing job-related on Beck’s standing.

Regretfully, Fierceness of the Gods isn’t with one voice that it is hurt up to be, using some bothersome countys that are scattered throughout the facility that most clearly hold it ago. How so? Nicely, for beginners, much like with one voice sequel flick endeavors, Fierceness of the Gods doubles down on a larger tale using twice the number of visual effects. While I did point out that I did like the film’s visual visual attractions, it carries out lug out intake a fragment also much, especially in the thirdly deportment of the facility, using plenty of of the facility drenched in computer accumulated images. While I’m widely a follower of this, especially in superhero movies, Fierceness of the Gods is oversaturated in such nuances that it runs out up being a fragment also slipshod and loud, which carries out tug away from some of the emotional / emotional moments that the flick wants to share. CGI effects are intended to renovation the ordeal / guiding the scene….not overtake it. Alike, like sequels, the film tries to “go colossal or go abode” within in the discussion, using Sandberg and his junior trying to lug out the job much larger (and bigger) than the previous installment. This slightly works, yet it most clearly avails slipshod along the way.

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In renovation, Fierceness of the Gods, while repeatedly on the reaction, is rather bloated. It doesn’t really feel drab, yet there is still multiple time as rapidly as the tale feels peripheral using play contaminate that genuinely wear’t go wherever. Probably the flick could’ve been conveniently trimmed down some (perhaps a absorbing five or ten minutes) for a additional tighter runtime in ordinance to “trim the excess weight”. Even using that notion, Fierceness of the Gods’s tale, while linking, feels with one voice over the map and rather messy. Who’s to blame? Nicely, I would most clearly first say that the film’s manuscript, which was penciled by Henry Gayden and Chris Morgan, would most clearly be one of the primary part in that criticism, using the tale route being a tiny fragment messy. The flick most clearly owns plenty of personalities (heroes, villains, and side personalities), so there is already plenty to orchestrate and I really felt that the manuscript for the flick sort of buckled underneath that disproportion. Therefore, information personalities (also one of the primary ones) avails rated on the backburner in advice of additional pageantry reaction pizzazz or redirects information inquisitiveness to other personalities that the flick wants to focus in on. Plus, the actual tale for Fierceness of the Gods could’ve most clearly been modified in the storyboarding process. There are most clearly some absorbing tips in the tale plot, yet, with one voice at once, something around it feels a tad wonky. Some tale beats aren’t fully toured, a couple of encouragements aren’t explained in accuracy as much, and some things just wear’t go wherever. Once again, there’s most clearly a information “unit for innovation” in the manuscript as facets of the tale could’ve been (or rather must’ve been) ironed out for a additional nicely-curved plot for the facility.

One more part in that testament is spotted within Sandberg himself and, while I did immortalize him for the film’s connection fingering, Fierceness of the Gods still battles in its wrap up amount task. Granted the tiring amount of tale and individuality tale strings to flesh out and reaction, Sandberg most clearly battles to lug out a stability within the film and its translucent that his maximal musing for the job wasn’t uniquely what was accumulated in the last modify of the image. One more woe using Sandberg’s guideline is still the wrap up amount tone of the facility. The humorous easy, while fun at times, still feels a fragment also teenage, also if the personalities themselves have prospered up a tiny fragment. This, of training course, makes some of the lighthearted moments a fragment compelled and cheesy at times. The association of that using the additional darker parts are shady rather than harmonizing. This was sort of the woe that I possessed using the first film and it endorses its horrifying head once again in this sequel, using some somber tones and scenes that really feel a fragment also much and wear’t genuinely “jive” using the additional teenage nuances (physical or discussion) that the flick wants to share. Therefore, Sandberg makes Fierceness of the Gods a (tonal) perturb as if the flick’s franchise business (as a entirety) still can’t detect what it genuinely wants to be.

The cast in Fierceness of the Gods is durable for the plenty of segment, using plenty of the introducing talent involved (both worn and gradual) establishing on their ideal to portrayal these information heroes and villains in this superhero tale. While plenty of are absorbing, there are a couple of that are just also wide for this facility and just wear’t amount to much. Leading the penalty in the film proceeds to be actor Zachary Levi, that plays Billy Batson’s x-rated superhero recalibrate-ego type Shazam. Licensed for his errands in Chuck, American Underdog, and Snarled, Levi owns most certainly accumulated plenty of flicks and other assignments throughout his career and also so additional since the last go around using his incarnation of the Shazam individuality. That being said, he purely hasn’t squandered a measure in the guise, using Levi imbuing the individuality using plenty of zippy one-liners and pleasing power throughout the entire undertaking. It’s a testament to Levi’s introducing prospective to lug the film (whether that’s a absorbing thing or negative thing relies on the audience) and it purely substantiates that the actor is ferried out around this information film and the individuality himself. It’s rather a tiny scary, but, because Levi avails additional monitor-time that his teenage counterpart, using the physical x-rated superhero Shazam. Yet, Levi maximizes the second monitor time than before and most certainly brings the weight (for much of the facility) on his shoulder, which makes Fierceness of the Gods conducive for his particles. In brief, Levi proceeds to faultlessly imbodies that childlike / young x-rated individuality individuality that is entraped within an x-rated superhero individuality and most clearly proceeds to be the ideal segment that the flick owns to deal.

Regretfully, while Levi’s Shazam avails additional monitor time and proceeds to luster, actor Asher Angel (Darby and the Dead and Andi Mack) avails inspired to the backburner in his portrayal of Billy Batson in Fierceness of the Gods. While the first film offered plenty of unit for Angel to adopt the individuality of Billy and his exceptionally own exclusive battles of identification and ideals of a family members, the manuscript for Fierceness of the Gods doesn’t deal much unit for the actor lug out an instrumental clout on the facility. Indeed, the tale lays some groundwork in the onset using a couple of exclusive questions for Billy’s concern of cultivation out of the foster care mechanism and disclaiming his family members, yet the flick never ever fully fleshed this information time out correctly. Therefore, Angel’s individuality of Billy avails sidelined in the film, which is poor. He’s still absorbing in the guise, and his arc in the facility is the herbal unit for his individuality to go using, yet it’s just a vanquishment that we (as the viewers) wear’t lug out intake multiple scenes using him in this sequel.

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One of the other readjusts amassed in the flick is additional time invested using the individuality Freddy, Billy’s chummy camaraderie within his embraced family members and that is as rapidly as once again dabbled by actor Jack Dylan Grazer (IT and Luca). Grazer owns most certainly amassed a moniker for himself throughout his young career and tinkering such plenty of tween / young x-rated individuality archetypes, which makes him the plenty of identifiable of the youthful cast. Grazer knows how to play such a individuality as Freddy rather nicely and proceeds to be a resource of wit throughout the image, using his prospective to be speedy-talking and speedy using his wit. Surprisingly, the flick owns a fragment additional inquisitiveness rated on him, using a subplot compeling one of the Little girls of Atlas. To me, Grazer is the ideal of the young talents involved in Fierceness of the Gods…..also additional so than Angel’s Billy. Plus, Grazer avails paired Hounsou’s individuality in the flick, which collects some comedic timing scenes that job-related nicely. Unanimously the other brother or sisters of Billy, entailing actor Jovan Armand (Snowfall and The Middle) as Pedro Pena, starlet Faithe Herman (This is Us and Doe) as Darla Dudley, actor Ian Chen (Fresh Off the Yacht and Intricate Nancy) as Eugene Choi, and starlet Poise Caroline Currey (Loss and Annabelle Evolve) as Mary Bromfield, avails their moments in the limelight as rapidly as or twice and makes for the absorbing connection thoughtful in the franchise business, which (once again) supplies plenty of context for the youthful players.

In addition, the x-rated recalibrate ego superhero personalities of Billy’s family members lug out intake a tiny fragment additional monitor time in Fierceness of the Gods, which clauses a fun confiscate on the youthful equivalents. This includes actor Adam Brody (The O.C. and Mr. and Mrs. Smith) as Truly Hero Freddy, actor Ross Butler (13 Exempts Why and To Unanimously the Boys: Repeatedly and Forever) as Truly Hero Eugene, actor D.J. Cotrona (Windfall and From Dusk Til Sunrise: The Series) as Truly Hero Pedro, and starlet Megan Nice (Brick and Assume Appoint a Male) as Truly Hero Darla, using starlet Poise Caroline Currey tinkering the Truly Hero Mary. As I said, it was nice to see these introducing talents a lug out intake tiny fragment additional monitor time and emulate their youthful teenage personalities and to see them as rapidly as once again affiliate up using Levi’s Shazam.

The last proceed to be returning players in the flick, includes actor Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond and The King’s Male) as the old wizard (aka Shazam), and starlet Marta Milans (White Jabbers and El embarcdero) and actor Cooper Andrews (The Stepping Dead and Halt and Catch Fire) as Rosa and Victor Vasquez, the foster moms and daddies of Billy and his brother or sisters. This go around, Hounsou owns additional monitor time in the image, using his individuality of the wizard deriving a tiny fragment additional to perform in the flick’s plot. Plus, he avails paired up using Grazer’s Freddy a caboodle, which clauses some absorbing comedic sector in between the 2, while Milans and Andrew, that are still appropriately absorbing as Rosa and Victor, are amassed away to the same amount of monitor time that they possessed in the previous film, guiding out in a couple of comedic particles as nicely as in a couple of emotional scenes.

On the villain’s side, Fierceness of the Gods display screens 3 gradual personalities in the Hespera, Kalypso, and Anthea (the daughters of Atlas), that are dabbled by starlets Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu, and Rachel Zegler. Of the 3, Mirren, that is known for her errands in Gosford Park, The Splendor, and The Nice Liar, owns the ideal monitor carriage and most clearly chews using her discussion using gleeful fun. Her individuality is a fragment straightforward, which makes Hespera a fragment flat, yet it’s just studying Mirren tinkering a villain in a superhero film makes with one voice rewarding. Therefore, Mirren’s Hespera, while not the plenty of imaginative villain in the DCEU, still swipes care of to be a uncover guise for the nicely-known starlet to play and (anyone can purely see) that she is having fun tinkering such a individuality. In the core, Liu, that is known for her errands in Elementary, Unanimously McBeal, and Kill Bill Vol. 1, avails the plenty of “wide” individuality in the flick, using Kalypso introducing as the sort of “colossal negative” for last fifty percent of the facility. Appoint her individuality’s individuality, Kalypso can manifest hectic craze and Liu assignments that amount correctly, yet it kind of comes off as a tiny fragment cheesy at times. Probably that’s how Sandberg wanted to illustrate it as, yet I just really felt that something was off. Plus, it doesn’t help that Liu is wooden in the guise and doesn’t share the same type of power as Mirren or Zegler carries out. Therefore, Liu’s Kalypso runs out up being arguably the the enormously least astounding and generically forgetful individuality in the flick. As for Zegler, that is known for her errands in West Side Story, she arguably owns the plenty of well uninfluenced individuality of the 3, using her portrayal of Anthea being the voice of questioning amongst them. This is vastly due to her individuality linking a caboodle additional using Grazer’s Freddy for plenty of of the facility as nicely as having a additional “human” rapport using the cast / tale. That being said, much like Hespera and Kalypso, plenty of of her plot floater is rather basic and enormously wide, which can be viewed as being predicably formulaic. Still, I really felt that Zegler did a absorbing job-related in the guise. Simply readiness that she possessed additional time to sharpen her individuality, for Anthea possessed the plenty of astounding easy of a god. Plus, I did uncover her powers of “access” to be rather astounding.

Ultimately, Fierceness of the Gods carries out have 2 secret Easter Egg endings that help teases some astounding tips, using one at the mid-credit mark and the other at the enormously ending up (after the credit reports). I won’t destroy it on what is spaned in those 2 information brief blog post-credit scenes, yet they are tiny astounding and have “zinger” to them. Yet, it’s a fragment poor because these scenes are better taunting future mishaps for a establishing away cinematic cosmos that could never ever come to cinematic light….. much like the Knightmare future studying in Batman v Superman: Sunrise of Justice and Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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The daughters of Atlas have went ago and seek preeminence over the temporal planet as Billy Batson and his embraced family members must thwart their contraptions and preserve the day in the flick Shazam! Fierceness of the Gods. Supervisor David F. Sandberg’s latest film proceeds what he was able to floater in the 2019 film and builds upon it, using a follow-up sequel that’s just as fun and conveniently obtainable as it was last go around. While the flick carries out struggle to uncover a proper stability of reaction and dramatization as nicely multiple flat personalities, the facility still swipes care of to lug out an enjoyable impression using enough foolish moments, visual smash hit pageantry, a absorbing standing, and a vastly wrap up amount durable cast. Harmonized, I distrusted that this flick was somewhere in between with one voice right and absorbing. Almost, it sort of met my expectations (I didn’t have a entirety caboodle for this sequel), yet didn’t uniquely “blown me away”. Therefore, it kind of respites also a tiny fragment. It’s not altogether horrifying as some are rendering it out to be, yet its purely not uniquely the “slam dunk” win that they were expectant it to be. So, my referral for this flick would most clearly still be a “prescribed” one as I’m sure loose viewers and fans of the first Shazam! will gain the facility, yet a audience could have to lesser their expectations a tiny fragment, which is why I would most clearly in addition confer the film a “skeptical will” as nicely. As remarked, the ending up teases a continuation of the escapades of Billy Batson and his Shazam superhero family members, yet, sold the case of the DCEU and the reboot of the cinematic cosmos, such an event appears unlikely. Still, regardless of that notion, Shazam! Fierceness of the Gods swipes care of to uncover a respectable discussion within its undertaking and, while it isn’t the ideal and brightest from this franchise business of heroes and villains, is an enough enough for a disturbance.

3.4 Out of 5 (Proposed / Undecided Treatment)

Let loose On: March 17th, 2023
Revisited On: April 22nd, 2023

Shazam! Fierceness of the Gods is 130 minutes long and rated PG-13 for play contaminate of reaction and physical violence, and language

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