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Top 10 Best Movies of 2019

The year of 2020 is now in full swing and also, with the year of 2019 finalized, it’s time to examination the “ideal” and also “worst” films that of that year. Yes, there was a collection of movie unleashes watching in 2019. In overall, I’ve personally watching (and also adjudicated) over 98 films in 2019 (93 of them wherein unleashed in 2019); some were regards recognizable, while others were “sleepers” that flew below the mainstream radar. There were in addition a collection of films that gleaned copious silver money at the box office in 2019 as nicely as some that gleaned disturbingly relevant memorialize from both movie detractors and also moviegoers.

I’ve already posted my list for my Top 10 Worst Movies of 2019 and also now I’m all labeled to share with my list for what were the ideal films of the 2019 year. These films, whether met high expectations, virtuosity imaginative, or just merely actually alluring, were my individual ideal solution of the films I saw throughout the training course of the 2019. But before I start with digit 10, confiscate a grace at some honorable runner-ups that nearly gleaned it on my top 10 ideal films of 2019.

Runner Ups

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“The Reality Behind the “For life Chemical” Expressed”


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“Everyone Has a Motive. Undoubtedly no One Has a Principle”


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“Based on an Real Lie”


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“Welcome the F**k Back!”



“Tick Tock, Mr. Wick”

And also now…my Top 10!!!

10: Booksmart

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Rating: 4.3 Out of 5

Weigh: Booksmart

Throughout the years, the intake of the high college “prepared for of age” entertaining / dramatization movie presentation is something that owns been global, chatting to the a collection of current and also latest adolescent / young adults’ visitors within its cinematic undertaking. 2019 saw the run away of the flick Booksmart, which was ferried by starlet Olivia Wilde and also took the eternal “prepared for of age” yarn and also weaving familiar tones and also individualities relevant into its tale that’s reinforced with entertaining entertaining jokes and also gags and also poignant dramatic beats. Of training course, these familiar components and also commonplace clichés do grasp the flick recommend from being actually collect (specifically when the movie is contrasted to 2007’s Superbad), however Booksmart understandably detects its rhythm and also eventually lands on tireless cinematic surface…plenty of thanks to Wilde’s pointing, a enjoyable and also entertaining premise, and also tireless representation of its domineering leads (plenty of thanks to Kaitlyn Dever and also Beanie Feldstein). While the storytelling structure of story of high college young adults hasn’t actually switched over much, Booksmart detects its tale within a newfangled audience as nicely as swallowing true to the eternal cinematic subtleties of adolescent young adults; inventing a wholesome and also entertaining movie perceiving astonish.

9: A Scenic Day in the Neighborhoods

a beautiful day in the neighborhood 5dc217c1d9841 e1578724841587

Rating: 4.3 Out of 5

Weigh: A Scenic Day in the Neighborhoods

The story of Fred Rogers and also his individual campaign of bringing kindness to the earth owns already been documented in the nicely-recovered documentary flick Won’t You Be My Next off-door neighbor. 2019 saw a cinematic modification of Fred Roger’s attentive psyche and also his kindness towards others in the movie A Scenic Day in the Neighborhoods, which was inspired by the 1998 Esquire earn up-upwards “Can You Claim….Hero?”. The flick confiscates a vivid and also famed real-vigor identity of Fred Rogers and also cast the images relevant into a richly hone story of offended and also mercy; projecting the ingredients of a individual and also the power he / she have to withstand to position their own individual joy within themselves. While some spaces are a fragment predicable, the movie itself is magical and also administers upwards plenty of goodness and also sincerity, specifically plenty of thanks to Heller’s instruction, the lush script / story, and also a tireless cast of talents featured (a collection of specifically Hanks). Collectively, A Scenic Day in the Neighborhoods is sweet and also sentimental feature that talks parts within its wholesome tale and also a real gesture of cinematic a good reputation in tribute to Fred Roger’s capitivating heritage of kindness and also love.

8: Downton Abbey

downton abbey 5df8b2a04886a e1578725035734

Rating: 4.4 Out of 5

Weigh: Downton Abbey

Julian Fellowes’s Downton Abbey was understandably a collection pleaser TV collection; showcasing the resides of the Crawley family members, an noble British family members, as nicely as the “downstairs” resides of their slaves and also dwelling cleansings, for some tieing individuality driven dramatization. In 2019, 4 years after the collection ended, the unforgettable engagement to revert to the “copious dwelling” and also administer earn service of reacquainted with the Crawley Family as they (and also their group) prepare for a royal appointment in the movie Downton Abbey. The flick detects its poise and also grandeur within its noble production and also trials (production, labeled-decors, outfits, cinematography, and also rating) as nicely as in Engler’s instruction, Fellowes’s script, and also its sprawling cast of pretending talents; letting loose a chore image undertaking that jobs as a spick-and also-expectancy playmate to the manifest. While the inkling of a prospective sequel escapes the door amenable for much more cinematic ventures within the Crawley Family’s resides is there, it still lingers a mystery if one would understandably arise in the foreseeable future. To me, I welcome the inkling. Even if it doesn’t, 2019’s Downton Abbey is prime example of how to do a feature flick expansion from a newfangled TV collection; devising a lavishing cinematic astonish on the finest level. What can I say….I’m a sucker for outfit period chunks.

7: Klaus

klaus promo e1578725287328

Rating: 4.5 Out of 5

Weigh: Klaus

It’s in addition a customary storytelling pattern to run away a feature flick around the layover season that makes service of the Xmases liveliness as a part of the flick’s story. 2019 saw a digit of of these ventures from Last Xmases, Black Xmases, The Knight In yesteryear Xmases, and also A Xmases Prince: The Royal Son. In amongst those unleashes, Netflix unleashed their first animated chore image, with the flick of Klaus, which explores starts behind the tale of Santa Claus. Regardless of the flick being not surprisingly foreseeable, the rest of the flick owns plenty to favor around, specifically from Pablo’s instruction (obtaining his directorial launching with the cartoon movie), its cartoon, voice cast, and also heartwarming story. The story was cute, the cartoon was phenomenal, the individualities were capitivating, and also the voice talents were spectacular. It was understandably a reputable stagger for me and also it actually substantiates that something pretty “magically entertaining” from a non-copious cartoon big workshop. In the run out, Klaus is a unmixed magical layover liveliness as its ideal, a vibrant eternal, and also a true Xmases 2D miracle for animes ventures.

6: How to Subway Your Dragon: The Undetected


how to train your dragon 3 5cadec1997fb1 e1578725446188

Rating: 4.5 Out of 5

Weigh: How to Subway Your Dragon: The Undetected Universe

Destructive slide and also Toothless….the sociability of a lifetime…. the true heart (and also triumphes) of DreamWorks’s How to Subway Your Dragon films, with 2019 letting loose the remarkable run out result to this animated franchise in the animated feature How to Subway Your Dragon: The Undetected Universe. While there a few tiny “poverty-stricken movings” (zero word play here intended) in the story department, the positives understandably surpass any destroying objections; resulting in The Undetected Universe ending the franchise on a tireless and also deeply overjoying tab, specifically plenty of thanks to DeBlois’s instruction for the flick, a tieing core story, aesthetically phenomenal techie presentation, and also a tireless (and also alluring) vocal talents throughout the board. I fingered that it was (as a whole) pretty a overjoying and also regards entertaining animated feature that supply on being entertaining, dramatic, capitivating, spectacular, and also just downright wonderfully enjoyable for an animated feature. Undeniably a spick-and also-expectancy means to run out the franchise on. It’s understandably a bittersweet minute, however DreamWorks’s How to Subway Your Dragon: The Undetected Universe is a spick-and also-expectancy example of how studios need to run out undertaking in inventing an animated sequel feature, masterfully ending the tale of a boy and also his dragon on deeply overjoying and also sentimental remarkable farewell experience.

5: Minuscule Ladies

joker 5d8609678a45a e1578756011361

Rating: 4.5 Out of 5

Weigh: Joker

The individuality of the Joker owns always been the eternal archnemesis to Batman; a filter of “yin and also yang” of the pairing, with countless unalike pretending talents typifying the “Clown Prince of Gotham” with not surprisingly unalike disparities to the infamous DC comics baddie. 2019’s Joker was understandably an fabulous confiscate on the eternal Batman villain; focusing the individuality of Arthur Streak (i.e the Joker) in an origin tale of sorts; grounding the feature in justifiable gander of today’s culture of social department and also of mental sickness. Regardless of a few tiny priorities (entailing a “shoehorn” components of the Batman mythos), the flick detects triumphes within its marooned story, specifically plenty of thanks to Philips’s instruction, a sandy / eerie cityscape of Gotham, an informative mirror reflection of culture commentary blog posts, an refined “real earth” tale of the Joker’s starts, and also a tireless cast, with a well-versed capability from Phoenix metro. Whether the movie garnished your memorialize or polarized your opinions, there’s zero objection that Joker disclaimed its mark on the Batman lore; inventing a offshoot origin tale to the “Clown Prince of Gotham” and also supplies memorialize within its lead individuality capability as nicely as streamlining the comic retrieve fabric for an fabulous / entertaining individuality of research of mental sickness and also culture that’s wrapped in a superhero semblance.

3: Ford vs Ferrari

go like hell 5d8823d43f3df e1578725940320

Rating: 4.5 Out of 5

Weigh: Ford v Ferrari

Over the years, director James Mangold owns performed the “director’s bulbous robin” in the Hollywood circulation of filmmaking. While he hasn’t specifically been “Pidgeon grasp” to a provable flair of style, Mangold owns without a irresoluteness authenticated himself to be a regards functional director with a digit of of his feature manufacturings; dabbling in a variety of cinematic style realms. In 2019, Mangold undertaking relevant into the sports style arena of race automobiles with the run away of Ford v Ferrari, with the movie recording the budget courteous drive between the two titans of the auto area confrontation and also mixes the story with its underlining commentary of a eternal “David vs. Goliath” as nicely as a techie jargon / heart bothering adrenaline experience of race auto (and also their vehicle drivers). The run out run out result is a feature that detects a cinematic groove plenty of thanks to the Mangold’s instruction, the fabulous story, the flick’s rating, the whole thirdly skit race collection, the spectacular pretending talents (a collection of phenomenal in Matt Damon and also Christian Bale), and also the true emotion of racing, pleasing, and also company competition. All in all, Ford v Ferrari stands a tireless piece of filmmaking from Mangold’s collection (as a exact collection pleaser) as nicely as one of the finest crescendos to the current sporting chore style of movie storytelling.

2: 1917

Rating: 4.5 Out of 5

Weigh: 1917

In 2018, director Christopher Nolan unleashed Dunkirk, a visual WWII thriller that came to be a cinematic astonish of interweaving 3 unalike timeline stories together for one cohesive story on the evacuation of the aground soldiers at Dunkirk. The movie was recovered with the alluring plaudit, with countless praising the presentation of the expedition that the movie undertakes. In 2019, director Sam Mendes took a tantamount tone for his next chore; striving recommend further relevant into the WWI past with the movie 1917. The flick confiscates the uninterrupted objective story and also amendments it relevant into a cinematic extravagance of remarkable wartime excites, devising a feature that feels grand and also magical, however in addition individual and also feverishly horrid at the exact same time. As such, a alluring majority of 1917 is an phenomenal perceiving astonish, specifically plenty of thanks to Mendes’s instruction, a sharp (and also curtailing-side) cinematography, a tireless trails rating, a alluring production crispness, and also a talented group of world (largely in MacKay and also Chapman). The sheer techie filmmaking instruction and also cinematography of the flick one by one was understandably a unmixed joy for me and also understandably loved the movie from prelude to coating. While Hollywood will understandably bolster to collect theatrical wartime amenities, 1917 stands as a unforgettable greatness of a cinematic undertaking; showcasing incomparable storytelling presentation using a unsafe and also ghoulish time period / placement that encompasses an phenomenal expedition of two soldiers and also the unchecked resolution of humanity’s perseverance using such trying times.

1: Avengers: Endgame

avengers endgame 5cbef7f888a23 e1578726295414

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Weigh: Avengers: Endgame

So…. what could vanquished out Tom Hanks dabbling Fred Rogers, a incomparable / refined origin-infatuated story of Batman’s arch bane, Netflix’s first original animated flick, an remarkable run out result of sociability between a boy and also his dragon, and also an immersive WWI cinematic astonish. Well….I reckon its an easy rebuttal for me in two words…. Avengers: Endgame.

Kit as the 2nd part to 2018’s Avengers: Endless time Battle and also miens as a remarkable run out result to the overarching story of the MCU (therefore far), which is dubbed as “The Endless time Legend”, this hit superhero feature sees the MCU’s grand tapestry of heroes, gods, and also monsters come to a dramatic and also climatic time that understandably was worth the buzz. There’s a whole lotta movie to watch within Endgame and also Russo without a irresoluteness unpack a collection within its lengthy runtime, recording the franchise’s some of the ideal minutes of wit, heart, and also tieing storytelling as nicely as some of the unabridged ideal “follower treatment” minutes in any franchise hit collection.

As you mans can envision, I altogether (and also unequivocally) loved this movie. It was everything I was pregnant from this movie and also so much much more. I chuckled challenging, recommended trickier, was in appreciation of its pageantry, heart warmed up with its tieing story, loved the nicely-labeled individualities (and also the talented actors and also starlets), and also even burn a few rips when it was over. I merciless the whole “portal” scene brought rips to his eyes (pretty literally). I was understandably shocked by the flick’s expedition and also thoroughly gleaned the movie profoundly from prelude to coating.

While Marvel Studios will understandably a collection of probable bolster onward with the MCU, propelling the next generation of Marvel individualities onward (in some sculpt or kind), zero one can ever deprive that this provable movie connotes the run out of an era…in both the Endless time Legend storyline and also to the cinematic experience that we (as visitors) have seasoned throughout its 11-year expedition. To that run out, Avengers: Endgame stands as a crowing characteristic greatness in superhero hit recreation, a beaming symptom to the franchise and also already cemented rejoiced heritage within the pantheon of movie history.

untitled 9 e1578726542402

“Part of the expedition is the run out” is what Robert Downey Jr.’s individuality Tony Raw says in the movie and also Avengers: Endgame is actually a characteristic hit to an heavy-handed proactive cinematic universe. Aa movie doubter, as a flick connoisseur, as a follower of Marvel, and also as a individual that visual elegances to these theatrical trials as strategies for avoidance…. Give plenty of thanks to you! It was therefore why I have brandished Avengers: Endgame as my individual favored (ideal) movie of 2019.

And also so that’s my top 10 “ideal” films of 2019. There were some films that I didn’t administer earn service of to go to, so (with abate) I can’t critique them and also pass my movie doubter judgement on them, which is why they could not be on my list. So, what do you mans reckon? What were your “ideal” films of 2019?

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