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Top Ten Worst Movies of 2016

Hello there, everyone! With the year of 2016 officially over, it’s time to exam the “above reproach” and also “worst” flicks that of that year. Of course, there was numerous movie gives off watching in 2016. In complete, I’ve personally watching (and also adjudged) over 110 (my neoteric record) neoteric flicks that were unleashed in the year of 2016, some were very recognizable, while others were “sleepers” that flew under the mainstream radar. There were in addition numerous flicks that made significant coinage at the box job-related area in 2016 as extensively as some that gotten disturbingly pertinent kudo from both agnostics and also vacationers. And yet (in amidst those flicks), 2016 saw several rather “dangerous” movies. Whether by a flat story, dangerous acting, weak devising, or dangerous accomplishment, these flicks were merely unit tacky doning miniscule miniscule particle to clearly no attention in receiving a ticket to search through it movie theaters or to buy / rental cost it for its residence unleash a couple of months later.

With ameliorate, I have a “Superb” flicks of 2016, but permit’s carry out utilise the dangerous ones out of the way initially. Here’s my user pinnacle 10 worst flicks of 2016. Yet in the past I start, here are some miscellaneous other “tacky” (I mean honorable) runner-ups that almost made it on my pinnacle 10 worst reaction checklist of 2016.


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Inferno is not the Treatment



“A Failed Reach of a Banal Sequel”



“An Unimpressive Dystopian Amenity”



“An peripheral sword and also sandal remake”



“A Spy Entertaining Loser”

And now my pinnacle 10!!!

10: The Unbalanced Birds Flick

angry birds

Ranking : 2.4 Out of 5

Review: The Unbalanced Birds Flick Review

With so numerous superb animated flicks of 2016 (Zootopia, Moana, and also Kubo and also the 2 Strings), we carry out utilise The Unbalanced Birds Flick. Based on the once favored arcade by Rovio, The Unbalanced Birds Flick is merely shade and also loud challenge. The voice talents are impressive and also the animation pizzazz is glamorous to the eye, but that’s rather much it. The movie’s reportage is a husk of story (from a phone arcade that already owns a thin plot) and also the jokes aren’t celebration that hilarious. There’s also a pair of adult jokes in the movie that I can’t think they sagged in the flick. The final skit of the movie is merely things thieving place clearly correct away and also admittedly becomes purposeless and also not unanimously amusing. Even the brand name itself (Unbalanced Birds) isn’t that favored any kind of longer and also to cultivate a complete-length animated serviceability about fling assorted birds at structures to rescue some relish from pigs is a miniscule particle dumb and also merely a speedy “crash grab” from Hollywood. Unanimously in unanimously, The Unbalanced Birds Flick is provides me (decide Red) …. irate!

9: Repairman Rebirth


Ranking: 2.4 Out of 5

Review: Repairman: Rebirth Review

Jason Statham owns verified to be a one-dude reaction star, presenting sufficient insane stunts and also fisticuffs quarrels to almost be the poster youngster for Hollywood’s reaction rescuer architype. Singularly, then comes along Repairman: Rebirth, doning the flick’s lone keeping poise being Statham and also that’s rather much it. I’ll be straightforward, the flick is dangerous for the little justification is that its common in almost every leading. From bland “reaction-form” story, to its bland / weak script, to its bland disparaging dude, to its bland romance (both Statham and also Jessica Alba form superb with each other, but are…bland), to its bland kit hunks, Rebirth is dangerous sequel movie, a patched-up variation of pointers within a criterion reaction movie, but to a lesser level. In truth, despite the moderate victory of the initially Repairman flick, clearly no one clearly rumbled out for sequel. Unanimously in unanimously, decide I claimed in take another form at…. Repairman: Rebirth is merely a “franchise business killer”.

8: The Different Collection: Allegiant


Ranking: 2.4 Out of 5

Review: The Different Collection: Allegiant Review

Chatting of a franchise business killer. This one nearly did it. This need to be a cautionary tale for opportunity franchise business. What started out as a vowing movie caboodle (Different) went into a slowly run-away inflation (Insurgent) and also ultimately banished the franchise business in Allegiant. Of course, nearly banished the serviceability flick franchise business. Attempting to adhere to Harry Potter, Golden, and also The Cravings Games, The Different Collection sought to raking in coinage by diverging the final acquire (Allegiant) into two flicks doning Allegiant being sector 1 and also sector 2 being labelled Ascendant. Regretfully, doning a heavier price tag than the previous installations, Allegiant underperform at the box job-related area and also the workshop ultimately tugged the plug on Ascendant Probably world were tried of the 2-sector undertaking finale movies or it was the dangerous script, or uninteresting plot of the movie, or maybe world merely thrown away attention in the franchise business. Will we ever search through the final conclusion of Tris and also 4…. who realises? There’s been talk of concluding caboodle as a TV movie (doning a extensively neoteric actors of stars) and also opening it up as a TV caboodle, which appears dumb in my point of revere. Zero matter, Allegiant is nearly a dangerous movie that accumulated a workshop to stop production on its final installment. And that’s introducing something.

7: Mike and also Dave Ultimatum Wedding commemoration Dates

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Ranking: 2.4 Out of 5

Review: Mike and also Dave Ultimatum Wedding commemoration Dates Review

From the trailers, this Mike and also Dave Ultimatum Wedding commemoration Dates aesthetic allures rather hilarious and also a opportunity contender to be a above reproach amusing flick of 2016. In truth, but, it’s at the miscellaneous other end of cooktop. With two bumbling wags sorting for wedding commemoration days (receiving two scurvy con-musician females), it’s a recipe for something clearly hilarious. Regretfully, that’s not the husk. The flick feels fifty percent-baked, doning some superb hunch (amusing jokes, gags, and also circumstances) that aren’t implemented extensively sufficient to show up into something comedically impressive. In truth, the movie appears. Coupled doning a weak script, lacking heart, a miniscule particle “overacting” (doning Efron and also Kendrick), and also its amusing that misses out on auxiliary than it hits, Mike and also Dave Ultimatum Wedding commemoration Dates possessed the opportunity, but flounders in your criterion rushed-of-the-mill x-rated amusing regimes. In short, Mike and also Dave merely need a more explained movie. Raw and also little!

6: Boo! A Madea Halloween

Ranking: 2.4 Out of 5

Review: Boo! A Madea Halloween Review

An additional year, another Tyler Perry’s Madea movie. Some could position Perry’s Madea to be amusing and also downright hilarious. While there could be some truth in that, but that merely isn’t the husk doning Boo! A Madea Halloween. Of course, I’ll concur that I position the Madea temperament to be hilarious, but the temperament’s complete “quality” owns come to be a stagnant and also used out its welcome. As for the movie itself, doning a very gently concocted reportage, numerous stuck out scenes of peripheral comedic mart (that don’t go any kind of place), some comedic tidbits that are DOA (dead on arrival), and also some clearly dangerous acting from particular actors members, Boo! A Madea Halloween can’t preserve itself from being dangerous and also repeating flick. Even doning the intake of Halloween as the flick’s backdrop, Tyler Perry’s latest flick scarcities any kind of keys and also is admittedly not a treat.

5: Independence Day: Rebirth

id4 gallery5 gallery image

Rate: 2.4 Out of 5

Review: Independence Day: Rebirth Review

We possessed twenty years to devise…. Twenty years to wreak a superb sci-fi blockbuster sequel to the 1996 flick. Everyone (myself entailed) was so amped up to search through this movie. What we carry out utilise is Independence Day: Rebirth, a showy, less-connecting, and also corny sequel adhere to-up to ID4. Where to start…merely decide Transformers: Period of Termination, the initially 30 or so minutes into the movie is nearly superb, but merely goes downhill from there, sensation less significant and also impactful as the director Roland Emmerich paints a very tacky and also hokey sequel in this 2nd cinematic alien offense. From its corny foolish lines, to very gently-concocted individualities, to ludicrous plot junctures, to its less “sentimental” story arc (for both its prompt individualities and also for humanity), Independence Day: Rebirth is significant bummer and also above reproach example of what’s wrong doning a Hollywood sequel.

4: The Crazed Pep

Wild Life 3

Ranking: 2.3 Out of 5

Review: The Crazed Pep Review

Retitled for the US unleash (labelled Robinson Crusoe in global regions), The Crazed Pep is one of the flicks you possibly didn’t search through in movie theaters or for that matter didn’t realize it was in movie theaters throughout its unleash in 2016. That’s provided that it was such a dangerous movie. With its criterion to dangerous voice acting, to its severely tempted animation (intermittently superb, intermittently shocking), to its off-putting reportage endure the mythical Robinson Crusoe story, to its very awkward and also in a nutshell expiring, The Crazed Pep stops working to stir up any kind of animated enjoyable, sensation unimaginative, uninspiring, and also is merely…bleh! There’s clearly nothing auxiliary to say about it…The Crazed Pep is merely…. bleh!

3: Masterminds

Masterminds 2016 9402044

Ranking: 2.2 out of 5

Review: Masterminds Review

Some could say that Masterminds is hilarious and also amusing. To me personally, but, it’s downright the contrary. The movie, which is based off of the 1997 Loomis-Fargo Bank Robbery, takes a comedic spin on that tale, but stops working to stir up excursion and also originality in its undertaking. To be frank, Masterminds is common and also monotonous, playing off weak and also unfunny laughs, which is paired doning a rather lackadaisical and also weak script. Above unanimously else, the actors in this movie, a superb assemblage of comedic talents, is clearly thrown away on this flick job. Such a embarassment. For a flick that took multiple years to search through a unleash, the flick itself lone took in $29 million at the box job-related area against its $25 million production wallet. In the end, Masterminds wants to be clearly hilarious, but merely becomes purposeless, riddling, unentertaining, and also humorless

2: Gods of Egypt

28d3e 1457368240259

Ranking: 2.2 Out of 5

Review: Gods of Egypt Review

Where to onset…Gods of Egypt is a “hot farce” of serviceability flick. This Egyptian fantasy excursion, despites its clever hunch versions of assorted individualities, creatures, and also rooms, is merely dangerous. From its intricate plot, to weak temperament discussion, to tacky visual results (some scenes are an eye sore doning the blatantly detectable green-sport background), to multiple tacky to dangerous acting, this flick is godawful. Even doning some significant named stars, forcing Gerard Butler, Geoffery Rush, and also Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Gods of Egypt is a shocking movie that owns very soaring pointers, but is merely complete farce. As I claimed in my take another form at, merely elude the movie and also read the favored YA books The Kane Narrates trilogy by Rick Riordian. You’ll be delighted that you did.

1: Best Steel


Ranking: 2.0 Out of 5

Review: Best Steel Review

So… what could be out unanimously those flicks as the “worst movie of 2016”. 2 words…. Best Steel. Based on the Mattel plaything, Best Steel is such a dangerous and also terrifying movie, so much so it was almost a miniscule particle cringeworthy (for me) to watch it. Attempting to coinage in on the superhero craze, Best Steel is characteristically your criterion rushed-of the-mill origin story for a superhero. A rebellious protagonist doning a mystifying parental number (shrouded in secrecy), a obscurity power, an animated close friend, an wickedness disparaging dude, a love attention, etc. The flick owns its heart in the correct place, but its accomplishment is downright godawful. From a bland script, common premise, dangerous acting, foreseeable reportage, complete lackluster demo, and also the almost minimalistic intake of the Best’s armored suit (the lone fashionable point about the movie), Best Steel is merely flat out a pierce, doning miniscule miniscule particle to clearly no excursion or enjoyable top peculiarity. What’s also worse…is that Best Steel dragged in actor Andy Garcia (the flick’s significant ticketed star) into this farce or rather the significant interrupt is why did Andy Garcia also concur to perform this movie. There’s arrangement for a sequel at the flick’s expiring, but I scarcely obscurity that will ever happen. In addition, the flick couldn’t also recoup its $ 10 million production wallet doning the movie lone rendering $ 6.3 million throughout its theatrical unleash at the global box job-related area. In short, what its intent is dully listed, Best Steel is a terrifying movie and also my user #1 recourse for worst movie of 2016.

There you have it…my pinnacle 10 worst flicks of 2016. Of course, I did elude some flicks in movie theaters, so there some dangerous flicks of 2016 that I didn’t search through. So what perform you men reckon? What was your pinnacle 10 worst flicks of 2015? Weigh ago speedily and also I’ll be uploading my user pinnacle 10 above reproach flicks of 2016.

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