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Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody (2022) Review



Over the years, the remarkable efforts of biopic undertakings have been something of a motion illustration attraction wearing Hollywood, positioning filmmaking talents both in front and also behind the video camera flocking to be a component of these theatrical activity images. While the pointer of collecting a biographical attribute movie about someone and also / or some occasion isn’t anything brand name-modern, it is something that’s pretty beguiling of nailing the core / aura of a personality who is based in real activity and also posturing he / she for a remarkable photo. Some of these undertakings can burned light on their entire activity (issuing the “activity and also times” of a erratic guy), while others can focus on a erratic minute and also / or a ironclad point of their stays. Newly, Hollywood has uncovered an wondrous attraction within the songs sector of well known artists; address the ups and also downs of some of the sector plenty of memorialized clienteles that have classified an era and also becomed legends themselves. This requires the look into the activity of Freddie Mercury and also the newfangled UK band Majesty in 2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody, the “based on a real fantasy” reportage of UK icon Elton John in 2019’s Rocketman, the spurt to stardom of the definite “soul splendor” Aretha Franklin in 2021’s Regard, and also the complexed activity of popularity and also manipulate in the “king of rock and also roll” Elvis Presley in 2022’s Elvis. Now, Sony Images (along wearing TSG Recreational and also Black Label Media) and also director Kasi Lemmons position the plenty of existing biographical drama that confiscates a look into the spurt and also fall (and also everything between) of the musician Whitney Houston in the movie labelled Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy. Performs the movie situate its voice in lugs Houston’s story to motion illustration light or is it a superficial undertaking that merely “plays the hits” of the talented artist unfavorable tale?

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Hoisted by vocal singing mommy, Cissy Houston (Tamara Tunie), Whitney Houston (Naomi Ackle) was lugged up to usage her unanimously-natural vocal present in a commanding way, surfacing a difficult and also definite voice as nicely as solid phase demeanor. Endorsed by close sweetheart Robyn (Nafessa Williams), Whitney is shortly come close to by Arista Papers contractor Clive Davis (Stanley Tucci), who postures the young swiped in celeb to songs that are capable of launching her career. In time, the planet starts to adore Whitney polymorphous hits and also bubbly outward persona, making her one of the impeccable-selling artists of her time, but her activity locates practices to interrupt her route to stardom wins, entailing her lure to Bobby Brownish (Ashton Sanders), a other pop celeb and also impoverished motivate, assisting Whitney reach her darkest days in her activity. As the years pass, Whitney battles wearing medicine addictions and also the last deals of popularity, seeking out to humans to trust as she inoculations to lug on, vacating her at threat to polymorphous devious temptations as she inoculations to withhold a recently started career.

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Loaning some spiels up from my testimony of 2022’s Elvis…. Within the polymorphous viewings of flicks that I’ve seeing over the years, biopic dramas centers are (to me) pretty grandiose to watch. A habitation of of these undertakings are instead nicely-made and also ordinarily a sensation of “Oscar-bait” and also / or “accolade boxers” from saying accolade seasons in Hollywood. To that degree, the centers being told have also been pretty interacting to watch, particularly ones that uncover the stays of warning clienteles and also the impact that they disclaimed on background. Redirecting to what I remarked in the opening paragraph, the existing attraction of suiting bio-pics flicks that amenity about music icons and also artist is pretty wondrous. Of training course, some of these clienteles have been nicely-documented throughout the training course of their activity-radiuses and also past, yet there is constantly added to proclaim and also do. What made the iconic? What drove them? Who was behind their insecurities and also failure? How did they prearrangement wearing nemesis as well known talents? With minimize, the flicks I remarked do brilliance a light on the superstars, wearing Bohemian Rhapsody affirming Freddie Mercury’s activity, who battles wearing his persona and also taking care of his time wearing establishment associates / band buddies, while Rocketman postures a tantamount hunch of showing Elton John’s past battles and also his persona have an effect on his songs career relationships as nicely as Aretha Franklin, who wrestled wearing obtained ones and also positioning her own self-well worth in the songs establishment as seeing the movie Regard, and also Elvis Presley, who fought versus his own fiends as nicely as being forever regulated by his employer in Elvis. With minimize, the pretending talents required in these films climbed to the perplex and also confiscated some superb performances, wearing superstars Rami Malek and also Taron Egerton multi-faceted improvements of Freddie and also Elton, while Hudson delivers a riveting portrayal of Aretha and also Austin Butler lended a likeable and also grandiose capability as Elvis. Of training course, their practice in the songs sector as made their “making believe to popularity”, wearing the valued flicks showcasing the high points of music kaleidoscope carousel from the mini-performance running out in Bohemian Rhapsody, to the track-filled fantasy escapades in Rocketman, and also soulful and also definite voice that is endorsed in Regard, to the charsmiatic and also modernistic roller rollercoaster of a activity in Elvis.

Which one is my favorite? Nicely, it’s kind of difficult to proclaim. I would proclaim that I like Elvis the impeccable, wearing director Baz Luhrmann channeling such his “A” arcade to the undertaking and also making a attribute movie about Presley’s activity so perplexing and also vibrant to watch. After that, I would proclaim that it is a tossup between Bohemian Rhapsody and also Rocketman. Not to disrespect the movie Regard (neither Franklin’s practice), but I uncovered the other 3 access to be added amusing and also interacting. Nevertheless, the existing songs bio-photo undertakings from Hollywood show up to squeeze the innovative creativity of reimagining iconic vocalists, talents, and also artists into a motion illustration light that wraps up the party of their songs as nicely as hosting up the mirror of their stays in an unvarnished way of the brilliance and also inanity at the really same time.

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This channeling me ago about to chatting about Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy, a 2022 biographical drama that confiscates a look into the activity of iconic music artist of Whitney Houston. As remarked, marketed the quantity of focus that Hollywood has been impermanent on in the instruction of music artist biopics, it was almost a forgone conclusion that a workshop would pain to do a attribute movie project on the activity of Whitney Houston. It wasn’t long until such an statement was made, which I do bear in mind hearing about on polymorphous movie web portals that I traditionally browse through a couple of months. Previously long, I do recall remembering seeing a movie trailer for a movie clarified I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy throughout the “unborn locations” previews once I went out to my expanse cinema. From the trailer alone, the movie glanced to be another solid biopic undertaking, which was mostly participating in affirm the “spurt and also fall” of Houston’s popularity and also user battles. Plus, like Austin Butler in Elvis, I didn’t realise much about Naomi Ackle, who was kit to tinker the major title personality of the movie (Whitney Houston) and also it would be wondrous to browse through how she did. Plus, like Elvis, I was wondering how the movie would illustrate the iconic singer, particularly since Houston’s activity is shrouded in medicine addictions and also impoverished relationships. Alternatively, cultivation up in the late 80s / early 90s, I constantly suched as Houston’s voice and also her songs. So, I was pretty immersed to browse through this movie once it was kit to be launched on December 23rd, 2022. I did pain to go browse through this movie throughout its opening weekend break, but, due to my job itinerary, I possessed to wait 2 weeks to go browse through the attribute. Plus, wearing my movie revisits catalogue was a tiny tiny piece endorsed up, I desperate to press ago my testimony for this movie, so I could tinker “catch up” wearing other 2022 flicks. Now, I lastly am “nabbing up” to everything and also unanimously ensconced to share my user recommendations on this movie. And what did I envision it? Nicely, it was unanimously appropriate. Despite a difficult capability from Ackle as nicely as the rest of the actors and also some commendable emphasizes throughout Houston’s career (both nice and also impoverished), I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy is too prim to respite complimentary of price of the boundaries of a stock biopic undertaking. It’s still a nice and also amusing movie that celebrates “The Voice’s” activity and also her recollection, but shortages the modernistic weakness and also doesn’t actually unearth anything brand name-modern to Houston’s career that hasn’t been already remarked.

I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy is guided by Kasi Lemmons, whose previous directorial works require such films like Talk to Me, Black Nativity, and also Harriet. Given her fondness in the instruction of peeking into the stays of African American personalities (and also bringing their tales to motion illustration light), Lemmons shows up like a impeccable director to channeling Houston’s activity story to motion illustration light, approaching the topic content wearing a sensation of “remembrance” and also “practice” to the attribute’s pedigree. Of training course, those who realise of Houston’s activity is one of tragedy and also party, wearing a terribly clarified account as to her career and also guy. Lemmons shows up to realise that confers the attribute a justification to situate its “voice” (pun intended) to help build upon a motion illustration ceremony for Houston’s recollection. This sift of plays a tiny tiny piece of a “double side” sword as the movie doesn’t go deep enough (added on that below), but Lemmons establishes what plenty of humans sift of pain to browse through, particularly those who dropped in love wearing the talented musician and also the songs that she unleashed throughout her career. In fact, Lemmons doesn’t pain to stain or shatter the photo of the singer in I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy, but instead retains Whitney’s façade in the usage of a motion illustration treatment. To be sector, Lemmons chronology of the scam of wrecks in a terribly manner and also nicely-made way, which gain the attribute obtainable to unanimously…. also to the non-started of Houston’s songs.

In reclamation to this, I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy places a habitation emphasis on Houston’s music hits (as to be devised for) and also implements of training course harmonize wearing the iconic musician practice. Through so polymorphous polymorphous songs and also newfangled hits that made Whitney’s voice so gosh darn stellar, it’s pretty unbelievable that Lemmons is able to void each of the songs into the movie, which doesn’t over to do it. With minimize, the music number scam, which either can be a music video clip bits or performance performances, are the most certainly emphasize. So, hearing ratty acquainted songs like “How Will I Come to be aware”, “I Will Always Love You”, “It’s Not Right However It’s Okay”, and also (of training course) “I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy (Who Loves Me)” are most certainly commendable to hear throughout the attribute and also Lemmons has grandiose curiosity to making those minutes pretty stellar in the movie. This is particularly made visible throughout the movie’s running out music assimilation, which yield a terribly provoking and also rejoices capability for both Whitney (as a personality) and also most certainly closes out the movie on a resonating sensation. Unbroken, while not the outright emphasize impeccable of a existing music biopic, Lemmons still aesthetics after to sport and also celebrate the activity of Whitney Houston in I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy by practices and also practices of narrating “The Voice’s” career and also remembering her music hits that fascinated everyone.

For its trial, I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy is a solid movie that one night stands the sector stock of today’s biopic undertakings. That’s not to proclaim that the movie “aesthetics” sub-the really same level or anything like that as the movie implements come alive within the authenticity nuances as nicely as the complex time periods (circa 80s to 90s). Of training course, this plays a component in the movie’s task, and also I felt that the movie’s behind the scenes staff, entailing Gerald Sullivan (production model), David Offner (art instruction), Tricia Peck and also Patricia Sullivan (kit decors), and also Daysha Broadway (movie modifying), did a nice responsibility in bringing this movie to light in a terribly wondrous and also visible way. I also have to pointer (separately) the job birthed out by Charlese Antoinette Jones on the movie, who is in penalty of the attribute’s costume models. While plenty of of the deepening actors are outfitted accordingly for their matching responsibilities, Jones’s job on “thinking of” starlet Naomi Ackie as Whitney Houston’s rigorous wardrobe is pretty superb. Every singular hunk of garments she wears is pretty brilliant to behold whenever on-supervise. Even the entire hair / gain-up should be commended for their efforts made throughout the movie, which (again) grips up to the times position eras that I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy wraps up throughout its duration. Next off, the movie’s cinematography job by Barry Ackroyd is merely unanimously appropriate. There are a couple of minutes of grows wherein I believe his job implements brilliance wearing, but I felt a tiny tiny piece underwhelmed by it. Last but not the terribly least, the movie’s rating, which was concocted by Chanda Dancy, is instead nice and also most certainly praises the movie’s soundtrack figures that I remarked overhanging.

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Unfortunately, I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy implements draw objection throughout the movie, which implements hold the attribute ago from receiving to such stellar stance in its team of other music biopics. How so? Nicely, for beginners, the movie itself is instead uncomplicated and also shortages the motion illustration grows and also dramatics throughout the movie. I realise that audios like a terribly swiped in one to thieve on, but it’s pretty the considerable one for me. What do I median by that? Nicely, Lemmons isn’t pretty knowledgeable in trying to delve into the machinations of Houston’s activity, no matter if they were ups or downs, which implements come wearing the movie pretty purely. That’s not to proclaim that she is a impoverished director or anything, but Lemmons sift of shortages the artistic burdens and also remarkable flairs to help enhance such distinct. Given the artistic trial of such music biopics as Rocketman and also Elvis, I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy feels instead common and also instead unvarying in comparison, wearing minimal artistic shrewdness to “spice up” the attribute’s reportage / trial. Thus, this lugs out the movie instead uncomplicated and also not much “ignite” to the attribute other than narrating the activity of Whitney Houston.

Synchronizing wearing this component of the movie, I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy shortages any kind of form of brand name-modern experiences into Houston’s activity. Much like other music artist biopics out there, the story of Whitney Houston has been nicely documented wearing a scam of docudrama scrutiny and also in brand name-modern write-ups throughout the years, vacating tiny to no rock unchecked. Thus, this erratic movie doesn’t have much else to disclose about this astounding and also iconic artist that has already been said. In fact, I felt that Lemmon’s philosophy to this attribute connectors less than a deep and also organized look chronology (no matter of the storytelling frame that the movie uses) and also added of a party of made Whitney Houston, blemishes and also unanimously. Certainly the script, which was penned by Anthony McCarten, inoculations a tiny piece too much to dare and also filter at everything that goes on wearing Houston’s activity story as nicely coordinating every major hit and also occasion that played an relevant effect on her reportage. This is wherein the movie battles, particularly as the movie inoculations to proclaim unanimously of this within a limits activity photo frame. This output in the script saying the majority of about Houston’s tale, yet merely glossing the surface region wearing unanimously by merely touching on particular parts to sift of “perfuse the basis”. Plus, as remarked overhanging, this “by the fetch” script doesn’t invade the finite precisions of Houston’s plights and also challenges as much as intended, which lugs out the movie really feel a tiny tiny piece weak in its theatrical bite…. sift of talk.

That being said, the script also misses out on some relevant items of precisions that could’ve been added insightful to the attribute’s reportage. One prime instance of this is in Whitney’s early childhood years, which would help discuss strenuous time of her early years wearing her parents and also how that motivated her…both in exceling and also wounding her in the way. Another percentage is also her relationship wearing Bobby Brownish and also how that motivated her user activity as nicely as her career. Unfortunately, the movie merely touches upon such minutes and also lugs out the movie really feel a tiny tiny piece “lite” once it could’ve been so much added, particularly marketed unanimously that possessed designed in Houston’s career. All in unanimously, I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy has a habitation to proclaim about Houston’s activity story, wearing rips, party, discoveries, and also reflections, yet battles to situate the ordinary ground in gauging such pointers as the attribute inoculations to cram into way too polymorphous such nuances for a instead “glossed” forget into “The Voice”.

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The actors in I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy is instead nice unanimously the way about and also do help boost some of the weaker towns of the attribute. As remarked, the script implements disclaim a habitation to be favourite, particularly since the movie wants to study unanimously the complex players that tinker a component of Whitney’s activity and also sift of skips about particular towns that could’ve been checked a habitation better. Still, the actors implements what they can wearing the content marketed to them and also implements gain the movie’s personalities gruel throughout. Of training course, the movie’s “headliner” would most certainly have to be starlet Naomi Ackie, who plays the central lead personality role of the iconic Whitney Houston. Known for her responsibilities in Female Macbeth, The End of the F***ing Civilization, and also Celebrity Wars: Episode IX – The Spurt of Skywalker, Ackie isn’t pretty the “family” tag, but she is of training course on the spurt to becoming one, particularly wearing existing openings she has massaged on, entailing this one. Thus, her involvement in this erratic movie is of training course a welcome one and also implements build a stirring and also stellar capability in the iconic music artist portrayal. She most certainly leads unanimously the scenes that she’s in and also confiscates care of unanimously the content nicely to gain for a interacting personality, particularly once gauging the majority of Whitney’s complex battles and also triumphs. This is wherein the movie sift of misses the mark once it sift of “skips about” those key relevant parts of Whitney’s career and also user activity. Still, Ackie sincerely dedicates to the personality and also most certainly confiscates care of such definite minutes wearing laughs, rips, and also discoveries. In the expire, while she doesn’t integrated sing in the movie (the movie uses lip-synching way), Ackie confers the appropriate quantity of power and also phase demeanor / supervise demeanor to gain her portrayal of Whitney Houston likeable and also stellar in the photo.

Behind Ackie, I would have to celeb Stanley Tucci (Spotlight and also Julie & Julia) confers a solid (unanimously-the-way about) capability as Clive Davis, Whitney’s document contractor. Tucci has constantly lugged himself as a terribly adept celeb throughout his career and also his involvement in this movie most certainly lends weight and also is pretty aground in his portrayal of Clive Davis. His scenes wearing Ackie are commendable and also he connectors as the seasoned consultant celeb on the project. All in unanimously, a commendable personality role for Tucci to tinker. In reclamation, starlet Nafessa Williams (Black and also Blue and also Black Lightning)  confers a stellar capability in her portrayal as Robyn Crawford, Whitney’s longtime chum and also close relationship accomplice. Williams most certainly display screens plenty of talent in this movie and also confers the personality of Robyn a terribly wondrous brilliance, particularly in showing the close adhesion that she possessed wearing Houston.

The other deepening personalities in the movie such as Whitney’s parents (Cissy and also John Houston), who are played by starlet Tamara Tunie (Law & Order: Momentous Targets Contraption and also Black Earth Climbing up) and also celeb Clarke Peters (The Wire and also Harriet), pass on commendable performances in their matching responsibilities. Both Tunie and also Peters are commendable personality talents and also purely concert that in the movie by taking care of the their portrayals of Whitney’s x-rated figures. That being said, the movie sift of misses out on particular practices by touring some of the trainings and also tendencies made by Cissy and also John Houston and also how they “glanced after” their children. Of training course, the movie implements study a couple of precisions such as Cissy’s grandiose in creating Whitney’s voice and also John’s “surveillance” manipulate over his little girl, but I felt that particular nuances could’ve been comfortably widened upon to help build a much closer brilliant among the Houston family members. Still, Tunie and also Peters are solid in the responsibilities. Also, celeb Ashton Sanders (Slave Claim and also Moonlight) implements a morally responsibility as Bobby Brownish, Whitney’s comrade and also vilifying comrade. Real, much like Tunie and also Peters, Sanders implements do a nice responsibility in dabbling up the personality, yet the script still writes Bobby in such a thin light and also hardly scrapes the surface region on what could’ve been pretty an checked items, particularly since he played a major component in Whitney’s internal disorganize. It’s merely a undoing that added could’ve been widened upon.

Last but not the terribly least, the rest of the actors, entailing celeb Daniel Washington (The Tender Pub and also I Care a Agglomeration) as Gary Houston, celeb JaQuan Malik Jones (Last Call at the Blind Beggar) as Michael Houston, starlet Kris Sidberry (Detroit and also Net of Lies) as Pat Houston, celeb Dave Listened to (The Unholy and also Ted 2) as Rickey Mild, celeb Coffey (Solo Queens and also Around the Humans) as James, celeb Lance A. Williams (Don’t Delicacy Up and also The Equalizer 2) as Gerry Griffith, and also actresses Ballie Lopes (making her launching in the movie) and also Bria Danielle Singleton (This Tiny Light and also The Loud Abode) as Bobbi Kristina (Lopes 8-11 years ratty and also Singleton 16-19 years ratty), are enacted on to tiny deepening players in the movie. While some merely have a couple of scenes below and also there in the attribute, unanimously of these pretending talents are instead nice in my opinion and also are likeable throughout the movie.



Whitney Houston. The Voice. The artist that launched a charitable career and also grandiose songs confiscates amenity phase and also aesthetics ago on her activity in the movie Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy. Supervisor Kasi Lemmon’s plenty of existing movie confers a motion illustration treatment for Houston’s story to be told that structures a attribute that recalls her highest highs and also plenty of inexpensive lows that embodies the unfavorable tale of young and also talented songs artists that counteract versus their own fiends within the stardom of popularity. While the movie battles to situate its own ideal footing by being a instead infinite biopic drama as nicely as glossing over / dabbling the emphasizes of Houston’s career, the movie still aesthetics after to be enjoyable to watch and also amusing throughout, wearing polymorphous directional factors, the music figures, and also a nice pretending capability from the actors, particularly in Ackle. Uncolored, I theorized that this movie was someplace between unanimously appropriate and also nice. The movie still pretty transmitting and also interacting wearing peeking ago into Houston’s activity and also the songs she disclaimed behind, but the movie’s frame shortages motion illustration mastery and also cultivation desire to showcase added experiences Houston’s activity, which lugs out the attribute in a terribly strict and also stock biopic….in my opinion. Still, my pointer is both a “pointer” and also a “solution fee it” as I’m sure that fans of Houston’s job will certainly relish the photo as nicely as nonchalant moviegoers who are peeking at the plenty of existing Hollywood music artist biopic drama project. I believe it’s about the really same level as Regard (perhaps merely slightly much closer), but no void as stellar as Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman, or Elvis. In the expire, Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy motion illustration chronological implements situate repayment and also heart within exalt Whitney Houston’s practice and also the mark she made on the songs sector, but doesn’t introduce or disclose anything brand name-modern to longtime fans in the girl behind “The Voice” in an or else uncomplicated and also stock reportage trial.

3.6 Out of 5 (Advised / Corporation fee It)

Let loose On: December 23rd, 2022
Mulled On: March 1st, 2023

Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dancing wearing A guy is 146 minutes long and also rated PG-13 for difficult medicine content, some difficult language, indicative references, and also smoking cigarettes.

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