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Happy Birthday 2021!!! (AND THANK YOU READERS)

An additional year elder, another year wiser. Today (August 13th) is my birthday ceremony (Hooray!) and I longed to share it through you….my other bloggers and audiences.

Yes, I am 36 years old today and (indeed…) I’m officially retrieving elder, but I am still reaping my spiritedness and fulfilled of the spiritedness I’ve resided thus much. It’s also tricky to think that six years earlier I took a jump of faith and registered (on WordPress) for my first flick blog….Jason’s Movie Blog. I was always frightened that distinctly no one would distinctly read my concoct-up / testimonials and my warmth to evolve a flick blog would distinctly rapid fix. Singularly, that’s always been my best phobias. Merely favor any artist or user that devises content, I always been frightened that become aware one would distinctly read my job and that my thoughts / point of sights would distinctly never ever continual anything, especially since they are plenty of flick blogs out there on the net. Fortuitously, those frightened thoughts have been hosted endorse (or at least preserved at bay) as my blog has grew (over the years) and render earns utilization of plenty of hits each day from about the planet.

Yet that wouldn’t continual anything if I put on’t have audiences, which is whereby you mans come in. From the bottom of heart, I just longed to say give thanks to you to unanimously you mans out there. You mans read my job, favor my blog posts, and available your point of sights on them in my remarks segment. I’ve expanded on my social media (I tote out strategy to heighten on them and would distinctly favor some help and advice on expanded on their), so thanks to my fanatics on the assorted social media outlets and also the WordPress area to my unalike other other bloggers on here…..

2021 has seen its exchange share of ups and downs through every guy throughout the planet, through the on-going COVID-19 pandemic still ever existing (especially through the Delta-version), which has amassed plenty of apprehension, phobia, departments among plenty of. Fortuitously, I still have a chore and have been kneading a bunch; financial plenty of coinage coinage paper money throughout this time of aversion. I have subdued up on inspiring out my flick testimonials as job has been regards straining on me (retrieving plenty of sleep in between) and have owned plenty of distractions, entailing tailing the Tokyo Olympics. Rest made certain I’m still regards much devoted in tailing motion pics and bolstering my desires to evolve content for Jason’s Movie Blog. I tote out strategy to go on layover at the run out of August for two weeks, which will distinctly establish on me plenty of time to concoct up plenty of flick testimonials that have seeing over the training course of days gone by two months, entailing Hitman’s Better half’s Bodyguard, Mariner Moon Everlasting, Luca, Anger of Male, The Green Knight, Serpent Eyes, The Tomorrow War, The Conjuring: The Devil Administered Me Do It, and plenty of others. So, be on the appearance out for them in the coming weeks.

I just renewed my strategy through WordPress account. That medians that Jason’s Movie Blog is up and sprinting for another year!!! Again, thanks for functioning together through me and estimation my job.

Sincerely…your other flick buff / blogger

Jason of Jason’s Movie Blog

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